What does winter mean to us physically, mentally and spiritually?

What does winter mean to us physically, mentally and spiritually?

Winter has arrived, but what happens to our personal growth during the year? Discover the natural rhythm of the seasons within you! It is an eternal cycle within us on both a physical and spiritual level. Are you open to personally moving with the seasons and growing?

What does winter mean to us physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Water represents the state of tranquility in nature, as in the winter season everything reaches its maximum drop. Nature restores and rebuilds its vitality for renewal in the next season. Her energy goes to the depths where it is silent. We can surrender to the pace of nature. We keep our reserves, reflect, find balance and build up energy.

However, the social demands are like oil and water. Winter is therefore an exciting season. Many walk faster and faster until they collapse. Try to pay less attention to outside demands; you need time for recovery and conservation of energy. It is important to alternate activity with rest, and tension with relaxation.

Depths of our subconscious

Winter is the season and element that supports us to take time to go into the depths of our subconscious. The time before Christmas is a time of reflection, of turning inwards and meeting ourselves. The leaves fall, what remains is visible to all as the bare tree trunk. We will also have to let go spiritually to get to our core. The rains and snow begin to cleanse everything that has fallen to the ground in the fall. All the black sides come up, to experience, feel and really let go of them.

Water represents the flow of emotions and in its purest form, the flow of love. It is returning to the source, where the water is purest. This is the ‘state of being’ you see in a baby untouched by the outside world. The purification of the element of water ensures that we regain this ‘state of being’. Only when we recognize our core does the greater cohesion reappear in our consciousness.

The snow and rain provide beauty and clarity before the next cycle so we can make decisions about the direction we want to take next year. Our New Year’s resolutions are born.



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