What FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is really about

What FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is really about
FOMO, aka ‘the Fear Of Missing Out’, admittedly, I suffered from it before my burn-out. Because I accepted every invitation. Even a crammed agenda was still crammed in. Imagine if I were missing somewhere, I couldn’t. And it was all relaxation right?! That I did not allow myself any rest in the meantime and what that ultimately led to, has become an old story.

What really matters

If I’m really honest with myself, I have to admit that I wasn’t really that afraid of missing out. But not to be missed. Imagine if I wasn’t at a party and nobody noticed. Ai, that would have been painful, especially for an insecure people-pleasing soul (/egos) like mine.

FOBO: the Fear Of Being Overlooked

I have named this phenomenon FOBO: the Fear Of Being Overlooked. You only have to go on Facebook to find out how many people suffer from FOBO these days. We unconsciously beg en masse “Please see me, acknowledge my existence?!” Also, forget that the only person who can really see you is yourself. If you can’t recognize and appreciate yourself, then hundreds of likes or thousands of followers won’t make a difference.

What FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is really about


In today’s entrepreneurial world, the Fear Of Being Overlooked is very much alive. Because as a coach/copywriter/marketer you have to know how to distinguish yourself from everyone else, right? That is why many entrepreneurs are not active in one Facebook group, but in five; they don’t go to one networking event, but to all of them. Are they online not just one moment a day, but all day long? However, we are not made to stay on all day long.

Shut off the power

Fear always causes you to close yourself off. In the case of the Fear Of Being Overlooked, you are not only closing yourself off from yourself, but also from the creative lifestream. After all, it can only find its access to you if you are connected with yourself. When you only focus on others and the outside world, you slowly but surely lose the connection with yourself and your own inner world.

Standing Out

Do you know the only way to distinguish yourself from others? Be yourself and dare to do things your way. Living your own truth. Even though the (marketing/society) advice may say something different. The few friends I have who aren’t on social media or even don’t have a smartphone (anymore), are the ones that stand out for me. They do this for themselves and their own peace of mind. A peace that I can feel when I am in their presence. That is one of the reasons why I visit them regularly. So they are anything but ‘overlooked’! On the contrary.


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