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What helps us grow? Nature showed me

In the tail of winter, with spring on the doorstep, I decided to go for a bike ride. The sky was a beautiful blue, it was pleasantly warm and the promise of spring hung in the air. I saw that nature was preparing for her growth and flowering. Where growth in nature is a matter of course, with us this is sometimes accompanied by obstacles and stagnation.

This raised the following question in my mind: Could the universe  show me in nature what helps us humans to grow? I’ll take you on my bike ride and share the abundance of information nature gave me.


Soon I was cycling past this field of pruned pollard willows. I have a predilection for these trees, they evoke something ancient in me. The strength and steadfastness of these trees reminds me of my own strength. Especially when pruned and I know they will grow into robust, mystical trees within a few months.


I still find it fascinating how fast their growth is happening. This makes me aware again of the fact that growth is independent of time. While we may have the idea that growth takes an enormous amount of time, this needn’t be the case. Try to let go of the concept of ‘time’ during your process. The less you pay attention to this, the less resistance there is from your mind. This gives space and facilitates your growth. Write down insights and steps forward in a notebook. If you reread this later, you will probably discover that you have grown more than you thought.

From your joy!

Initially I was mainly visually oriented, but while cycling I noticed the cheerful sounds of the birds more and more. Where there was first one more, it became a succession of cheerful chirps. Where one bird started, another responded. It made me happy and I realized that it is important to share my own happiness with others. Expressing your joy helps to maintain your vibration. And when you share it with someone else, it actually raises your vibration.

Joy is contagious, provided you share it with people who are somewhat on the same frequency. You can therefore be critical in your contacts. To the universe, “growth” is more important than pleasing others.

Everyone sings their own song

How wonderful is it that each of these birds sings its own song ? The diversity gives color and promotes growth. Just like your own story and your words. Your words are different from mine, that’s what makes your words so valuable. While it’s tempting, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. One is neither wiser nor further, each walks his own path and in his own way. It is precisely this diversity that makes it a beautiful symphony. Appreciate your uniqueness!

Prune by letting go

Pruning promotes vigorous growth. This applies to the pollard willows as much as it does to us. What can you prune, what can you let go? It is important to get rid of old pain, beliefs and patterns. I become more aware of this when I am in nature. In a place afterwards where I will not be disturbed, such as on the Maas or sheltered under a tree.

The elements help me to bring to the surface what can be seen: the rustle of the wind, the rippling of the water. Moreover, the lightness of nature makes it easier for me to admit feelings. The scents and colors give me the confidence that I can handle it.



This willow is home to many insects. He doesn’t have to make any effort for this, he is just there. I recognize something from my own life in this. The door of our house is open to my children’s friends. They can sit down for a meal, a chat or a game. Especially in this time young people need connection. A place to ‘be’, where they can tell their story and experience the lightness of life. Opening our door feels nice and gives satisfaction. Plus it makes me grow. With 2 daughters, I learn that the life of an 18-year-old boy is very different. Planning is strange to them, they are very well alive by the day, even the hour. That also teaches me to be flexible.

Who are you opening the door for? Literally, in your house or the door of your heart? This could also be a casual passer-by with whom you are chatting.

Keep a healthy distance

On the way back I saw a bird of prey high in the sky. He viewed the earth from a distance, which gave him a good overview. We may also keep our distance from earthly events, especially in this troubled time. By regularly withdrawing from this, it is easier to stay in your own vibration.

show yourself!

This crocus was standing alone in the grass. There were no congeners in sight, but that didn’t seem to bother this beautiful flower. She showed her beauty without batting an eyelid.


You too can show your color, show who you are. Even if you feel lonely because you are different from the people around us. Keep shining and let your light shine. You will see that in time peers appear in your path. When you then shine together, this amplifies your own light.

Do you notice that your growth is stagnating? I can wholeheartedly recommend going out into nature. On your own, without distractions and with your senses wide open. Ask the universe beforehand to give you signals. Go outside and be surprised.


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