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What I Learned About Attracting Wealth And Abundance- Wayne Dyer

The warm rays of the approaching spring sun are perfect to recharge our bodies and refresh our thoughts. For a life of greater prosperity and abundance. I’d like to share with you an important lesson I once learned, and remind you: anything you want and desire can be yours and already Wayne Dyer

Your intent for attracting prosperity and abundance into your life

As a student of human nature, I came to a conclusion a long time ago: most people don’t know how to make money or attract wealth . If someone does know that, then they are really very special. Yet I am sure that you – yes, you – are already in the process of putting that ignorance behind you. For many people, life feels empty because they don’t believe in their highest selves. Probably because they have only discovered at a much later age that they have a higher or highest self at all.

Once a person knows that he or she is a God, and is aware of his or her divinity, then it becomes impossible to say, “I willto be”. Why? Because “I will be” means the same as “I am not”. Wanting to attract more wealth into your life is the same as showing that you have no wealth. As long as this is your conscious thought, you program your subconscious to give you experiences consistent with that feeling. While that’s exactly what you don’t mean . I am not  radiating a state of lack .

Wayne Dyer
Wayne Dyer (May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015) was an internationally renowned author and speaker on self-fulfillment and spiritual growth. Photo by Phil Konstantin

You will have an avalanche of objective thoughts and ideas thrown at you about the intention you have for living in prosperity. I know that from my own experience, because I’ve had that all my life.

In order to bring appropriate and healthy prosperity or abundance into your life , you must focus all your attention on what it feels like to have what you want. You must be able to feel what that is like before it is manifested the way you want it. The fine sensations in your body reprogram a part of your subconscious, harmonizing it with the infinitely prosperous universal subconscious, from which all manifestation comes. Your ability to completely align your heart with this energetic field ensures that you will never have to think again if I hope that I will one day be prosperous.

I invite you to feel your way to prosperity and health in abundance in the glorious spring months, which are really just around the corner, by living today as if you have already received the gifts you so desire . I feel called to share what I’ve learned so that we can all grow in the light of who we really are. I hope this lesson helps you find your calling.


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