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What if the whole world is your mirror?

You probably know this principle. No doubt you have heard about it and perhaps also put it into practice in a particular situation. Maybe it worked for you, it gave you insights, you could handle the situation differently, your behavior changed.
Or maybe it wasn’t an immediate success and you don’t think it applies to you or you don’t believe in it at all. But what if it really is the case that the whole world and everything you encounter in it is your mirror?


I can feel that when I think about this principle. When I’m in a certain situation. Something complicated with another person, which makes me feel unwell and partly blames that other person.

Sometimes I find it too difficult to look at myself in such a case and I forget the principle for the sake of convenience so that I can put the problem with the other person and keep myself out of harm’s way, at least partially.

Taking responsibility for our own behavior can be greatly challenged when it comes to something that we ourselves (still) have a lot of trouble with and are not coming to terms with. To then turn your gaze to yourself and dare to look at what it is in you that complicates the situation, is college work.

It won’t, will it?

But suppose it really is? That EVERYTHING around you, everything you perceive, is a reflection of your own inner world. And then really everything, even the one thing you don’t really want to see, cannot be accepted as your own. Because no, that can’t have anything to do with you, can it?

If you perceive the world from the point of view of me and you, and have brought an enormous separation into it, then you will always experience that separation in all situations that you experience.

And that makes a lot of sense, because somewhere in our lives we created the separation. When we were born, we were still one with everything, connected to the soul world, the infinite space we call universe, where everything is connected.

I have experienced for a longer period in my life what it is like when this separation is completely gone in your experience.

I could give it a name – realized or enlightened, something along those lines – so you can get an idea of ​​what I mean. The funny thing is that I didn’t experience it that way at all in that period, I just was.

Only afterwards did I begin to describe it. There was no separation at all between me and anything. I was completely connected with the core, the being, of others, with everything, including trees for example.

That which I saw was a reflection of myself, but now without my ego interfering, for it is that which makes the separation.Our being, our soul, our essence, is connected and nothing or no one can change that, It’s just: do you believe it or not?

A world of separation

In the world that we end up in when we are born, especially in this part of the world, most of the people don’t believe this, so you grow up in a world of separation, of being separated.

You are not addressed on your soul, but on your character, your behavior, your ability to keep up with a society that has made its bed for you in the one way that it is intended that you will fit in.

Focused on the outside, on skills, results, models and formulas, behavior and disorders if you do not show the desired behavior, and the consequences thereof.

But what if, when you were born, you were received as a soul who dared to take on a body and live a life in this world? What if you were recognized as that soul and welcomed in that way?

Suppose that separation, that membrane between two worlds inside and outside, universe and earth, you and me, were not so thick, but very thin, almost transparent and that we would continue to feel one, even in or with that body ?



I missed that so much. When I think about my birth , I can get very homesick for how it can be. For example with native tribes, Indians… Where you were welcomed by the community and recognized as the soul you are and not just as that little body with 10 fingers and 10 toes and a sweet face.

Because we are not! That’s what we got with it, as a bonus. An instrument with which we can express, shape and make ourselves, our essence, tangible.

And yet we don’t see that as a bonus. Do we always see that separateness as reality and not the unity, which is much more true. Almost all of us have fallen into it, in the illusion.

And that is constantly mirrored to us in the world around us; in our relationships, the things we do, our struggle with ‘achieving something’, living a valuable life. The inner conversations, discussions and quarrels (or even war) we wage with what appears to be our adversary, our enemy. The non-harmony, the disconnection.

your mirror

Have you ever tried to see absolutely everything, everything, everything as a mirror to your inner world? In other words: to take full ownership of everything that lives in you. To see that as your reality, which you have created all by yourself.

Without being guilty of it (because oh, that word comes up so quickly when it comes to this sort of thing). And with that, something very cool also becomes clear. Because if you yourself have created the world around you, it means that you are the creator of your life.

And SO… you can also change your reality, if you are not (yet) satisfied with that. I’m not saying it’s easy, but isn’t the idea just great? That you have such a fantastic, magnificent, incredible, expanding,connected being that can create new realities? What would it be like if that were your reality? That you would live your life from this premise?

Will you join us?

Shall we take it on, this experiment? That which you said yes to so long ago, but gradually forgot. Then I’m here to help you remember 😊 It’s never too late…
You can say yes again. Now with this 3D body, with this personality, with the consciousness that you have now. And you don’t have to do it alone, I’ll just join you.

Step 1: Say YES.
Step 2: Decide that you embrace (iiieeks) everything that comes with this, everything that comes your way.
Step 3: See everything that happens, what you see and experience around you as a mirror of the reality that you create yourself. And so, if you don’t like it, turn inward and change your world, inside. Then the outside world follows automatically.

jitters? Doubts? suspicious? Because it didn’t seem to work that way until now? I totally get it, but you’re never too old to start over. So what do you say? to do? Try a month. deal? High five! See you in about four weeks, with my next article…


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