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What if you are unable to let go of limiting beliefs?


Are you unable to let go of limiting beliefs? Do you feel that you are doing something wrong and become extremely frustrated by it? Because it seems like everyone else can do it except you? Rest assured, the opposite is true.

Most of us have limiting beliefs and many are unable to let go of them (yet). This is normal, there is nothing wrong with you!
Many beliefs have their origin in traumatic experiences, past lives or our early existence. This makes them anchored in our energetic system and difficult to let go.


Countless books have been written based on the premise that thoughts are just thoughts and not yours. These books help us to get out of our head more, to seek silence and to be in the ‘now’.
At the same time, I notice that these books set the bar high. The impression is created that letting go of thoughts is easy, if you want to. But I have experienced that this conviction is also limited. Beliefs often turn out to have a deeper, energetic origin. The energy of a traumatic experience has anchored itself in you as a conviction, among other things.

Origin of beliefs

Limiting beliefs have often arisen in an early phase of our current existence. In Leonie’s case, the basis turned out to be in the womb. This place felt like an energetic torture chamber to her. It was dark, chilly and indefinable.
It felt so unsafe that she was never able to fully incarnate in her body. This intense, traumatic experience created the belief in her that the Earth is not a safe place and that she couldn’t do it. ‘It’ was to perform the reason for its existence: to bring light and consciousness.
Deep down, Leonie is able to feel her potential. She knows and has experienced that she has a lot to offer children through horse coaching. But it is not possible to actually implement this and start a private practice. Her conviction that she cannot do it keeps popping up, so that she does not dare to take any steps.
As most people do, Leonie blames herself for these beliefs. She blames herself for not being able to let it go, even though she feels the belief is wrong. She is relieved when she discovers that she is not ‘faulty’ for not being able to let go of the conviction.

Feel and connect with your beliefs

If letting go of limiting beliefs from your mind doesn’t work for you, you may want to explore these beliefs and release them in a different way. It is then important not to resist your conviction. Observe that it is there and also see that it is not true.
But he doesn’t have to leave. Instead of inculcating yourself from your mind that it is ‘only’ a belief and not correct, it is also possible to make contact with this belief through your feelings.
You can do the following exercise. Find a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. Relax your body and possibly do a grounding exercise. Next, say the limiting belief out loud and repeat it. Let it resonate well in your consciousness. At the same time, feel what is happening in your body. Do you feel a tightness or tension somewhere? Put your focus on this spot and let the tension build.
Perhaps images arise or impressions arise about the origin of this tension. Often a belief is based on fear. Allow this fear and let it grow. This helps to clarify the origin. You may experience sadness, allow this too. All feelings should be there. In fact, they help you to become more aware.
If images or insights do not automatically arise, you can ask your Higher Self what your fear or sadness is related to. Let the feelings this evoke flow through your body and leave your body through your tears and awareness. By letting in the underlying energy of your belief, it can let go.
Another exercise: say the belief out loud again a few times and be aware of the feeling it evokes. Visualize that you are floating on an ocean and that the ocean is this feeling: fear, sadness, powerlessness or otherwise. Drop into it, all the way down. Know you are safe. At some point you end up at the bottom of the ocean.
Then look (with your eyes closed) around you. You may see sea creatures or other creatures that can tell you something. Ask them questions: why am I experiencing this? When did these feelings arise? Is my fear justified? How can I release this?

Practice makes perfect

If the above exercises don’t work (immediately), don’t blame yourself. We have become so entangled in earthly 3D life that it feels like uncharted territory. We are connected in our physical body with our 5 senses, so that communication with our subconscious is completely snowed out.
It is therefore not surprising if you fail. Try it more often, practice makes perfect. Moreover, there are many professionals who can bring you into contact with your subconscious and in this way help you to let go of limiting beliefs.


We tend to compare ourselves to others. But everyone goes through their own struggle, every process is different. What is important to keep in mind: you only have a limited view of your soul existence. Who knows what traumas you have suffered in past lives. Or that you were actually not wanted by your mother.
Perhaps you carry great family karma with you. So there is nothing to judge about yourself, because you have an incomplete picture of the wounds of your soul and the burden you carry with you in your energetic system.
For this reason I also argue in favor of naming the word ‘self-sabotage’ as the Forbidden Word . The self-blame drips off it and it puts you in a lower vibration. It hurts my heart every time I hear people say this. We as humanity are at the beginning of a great process of consciousness, we have no idea how many and deep traumas are rooted in us. When negative beliefs hinder our growth, there is usually a cause.
So be gentle with yourself. The fact that you are aware of your behaviors and beliefs is already quite something. If you also manage to turn inward and feel, you can really pat yourself on the shoulder. With all the traumas we have experienced in past lives and this life, that is quite an achievement!


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