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What if your child needs medication? Which choice do you make?

You want to raise your child as consciously and naturally as possible. However, there will certainly be times when you have to make the choice whether or not to give your child medication. If they are homeopathic remedies, then the choice is not that difficult or drastic. But what if your child needs antibiotics, prednisone or perhaps Ritalin, for example, according to the doctors? And not just once, but perhaps for years or for life?

Everyone is familiar with the image that is painted about people who do not vaccinate for religious reasons and who are averse to regular medicine. Not only when their child develops a childhood illness, but also in case of pneumonia or other life-threatening illnesses, they pray to God and thus hand over the responsibility. At least, so it is claimed. Even those who believe in alternative or natural medicine and want to avoid the regular circuit as much as possible, are sometimes looked at with a sideways eye.

If you choose differently, a judgment is quickly passed

Anyone who wants to use drugs as a last resort and has a preference for a different solution has probably had to deal with it. The judgments of others about the choices you make: You are compromising the health of your child. You are not acting in the best interests of your child and are above all short-sighted and possibly even a danger to society. And if you are unlucky, you will receive a stamp from your GP, possibly even from youth care. Because why withhold your child the right medical care?

This may seem like going too far, but in practice it turns out that the way you want to raise and raise your child is not always received with loud applause by those around you. Fortunately, the tide is turning. We are increasingly looking at the child itself and see a holistic approach as necessary in achieving optimal health, on a physical, emotional and mental level. The connection between illness and inner imbalance is central.

Illness is an entrance to more health

You get to know yourself better through illness. Your need becomes clearer and you can then respond to it. You cannot see disease without looking at the cause. However, where conventional medicine is based on causes such as bacteria and viruses or, for example, ‘defects’ in your DNA, this is only a consequence for the holistic person and the cause is therefore deeper. Of course those viruses and bacteria have to be fought, but what really deserves attention is the constitution. That is the entrance to more balance and better health. But let that constitution be exactly what is affected as a side effect by most regular medication.

Did you know that the much-distributed puffs can have far-reaching effects on emotional and mental resistance? And that the prednisone puffs can even cause depression and reduced zest for life? After years of use, you can guess what this type of medication does for your child. Apart from the problems that can arise in growth, bone formation and teeth.

Did you know that most medication for children has only been tested on animals and adults. Which is also logical, because testing a drug on children is not desirable. But it is labeled as safe for children. And the excipients in those same puffs are often not tested for inhalation. This also applies to the excipients in vaccines, which are even injected into the bloodstream.

But what if you have no choice?

However, fear is also a bad counselor in this regard. Because what if your child is very short of breath, even looks gray and hangs lifeless in your arms? Perhaps you could patch up your child with enough knowledge of natural remedies. But do you dare to make that choice? Do you have enough time? What if you don’t give that medication? Will your child survive? And what if you do go to the hospital?

Do you look with a lot of frustration at how the umpteenth load of prednisone goes in? Because you know what it does to your child? Have you been trying to get those chemicals out of his body for years and then at such a moment does it feel like back to square one? And what if the advice is that your child should definitely use this for years to come? Do you feel cornered, powerless, frustrated? Do you feel fear, does this paralyze you? Or maybe you feel like you fall short whenolder ?

The way you deal with this ultimately determines the way forward. Not only your choice in what you think is good for your child, but especially the energy from which you do this, determines whether this illness and this phase can indeed bring you closer to natural health. Because: more than all that medication, love, connection and trust are needed to restore your inner balance. There are plenty of supportive resources to restore your inner balance from a holistic perspective. Think of herbs, cell salts, vitamins etc. But nothing is as powerful as the energy of consciousness.

Do you hand over your responsibility?

The big question, however, is whether you can take your responsibility in this. Not only by not immediately handing over your responsibility to doctors. Because then you are actually doing the same as those who leave the welfare of their child to God and take no action in support of their own. But above all to look at yourself.

What do you base your decisions on? What energy do you trade from? Awareness of the effect of your energy on your child’s is very important, because no child benefits from a parent who acts out of fear, who is frustrated or insecure. Your child needs decisiveness and love. This gives your child peace and confidence and that is the best basis for healing.

Apart from that, most imbalances arise from past experiences that we have not integrated into our lives from consciousness. We then store these events as stories in our subconscious, full of smells, colors, insights, emotions and thoughts. However, because we are less and less aware of them, they literally and figuratively start to lead a life of their own.

They weigh down your body, an inner imbalance arises and then diseases can also arise. It is also important to take leadership and responsibility with these stories, so that you can look at what is really going on and what your child needs from love and awareness.

The road to your child’s health starts with you

Illness is the entrance to better health if you dare to trust your intuition and your own wisdom. However, this requires research, critical thinking and asking questions. Don’t just assume everything, but also realize that sometimes things just aren’t different (for a while). And that one does not have to exclude the other and is perhaps a matter of life or death. Even if this means that your child needs a puff for a while, or might benefit from that particular medication.

However, the energy from which you make decisions provides the greatest healing. It mainly comes down to being very kind to yourself. Observe without judgment and move flexibly from a solid insight and the right energy with what is needed at different times and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Taking responsibility is looking beyond your fears, insecurities and frustrations and then relying on thorough research and your parental feelings on your choices. Because your feeling ultimately knows best and it is the attunement to your heart that ensures the connection, not only with yourself, but also with your child. And thanks to your child as a mirror, old stories can be healed in both you and your child and you can support your child with love in raising and growing up.


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