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What if your light language would awaken?


Light language is the language of your soul, your primal language or also called your energetic blueprint. The language that flows through you from your higher consciousness and that has no intelligible words that we as humans can understand with our heads.

It is the language of your heart and is also called the star language or the ancient language. The language of light contains codes, sounds and words with a healing frequency that can be expressed in every possible way.

This can be through talking, writing, singing or painting, but will be expressed differently by each person. The moment it flows through you, exactly what is needed happens and your soul will understand everything.

The light language helps to release and heal blockages on an emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic level for yourself and others. In recent years there are many people who have experienced this activation in themselves and now use it to help other people in their healing process.

Awakening light language

This light language activation also happened to me. It literally happened over one night. That night I couldn’t sleep and I felt a powerful, for me feminine, energy in my room.

I closed my eyes and naturally tuned into this energy. At that moment I felt this energy go to my throat and I got the feeling that I wanted to say something. In the meantime my head said ‘ ‘no, you don’t have to say anything” but my heart felt it did. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and opened my mouth. At that moment a language unknown to me flowed out of my mouth.

I was shocked and didn’t understand what was happening, but I did feel that this was something big and even though my head really wanted to take back control at that moment, I trusted my heart and let this energy go completely.

That night I got out of bed and sat at the dining room table for hours, the language flowed through me and I felt that I could not only speak it but also write it and then wrote pages full of light language.

puzzle pieces

These texts resemble codes with a rhythm of energy. They are not readable words that we know. But it looks like symbols repeating themselves. Sometimes it comes in pictures too.

It is as if this language gives me access to a world of our planets and ancient knowledge. It feels like a download of which I keep getting a piece of the puzzle and which will soon come together at the right time.

The images I see are about the galaxies, about the planets and about the connection with the earth, the pyramids and the codes that are stored in them.

Now, a year later, the language is completely my own and it flows through me continuously. I use it in my practice when it presents itself during client healings, for my own process or during shamanic ceremonies.

In addition, I draw from this source and I write in the language, which also feels like a healing process. Through the light language I remember who I am and who we all are. Multidimensional beings who gain an experience as a human on Earth, to learn and grow.


Share experiences

It feels that it is time to share these experiences more with each other. That the impossible is possible and that you may realize what a unique being you are and that everything you have learned from society and your upbringing may be let go.

What is your truth, what do you have to say? Do you recognize your own sensitivity and can you connect with your deepest desire? As a child you firmly believed in the magic of life, may that child wake up again and recognize himself?

What would your light language be if it awakened? Perhaps you have also experienced this experience and recognize yourself in it. Maybe I’ll make you curious with my story or is this something that is very far from your bed.

In all cases it does not matter, but I would like to ask you to be open to your own heart and the idea that anything is possible. We have learned in this society to turn outwards instead of inwards and that everything that has to do with energy and spirituality is vague or crazy.

But what if this is no more than an old deeply entrenched belief, a perspective from fear instead of a truth from your own heart? Do you dare to feel and look further at the lines within which you were supposed to color?

Room for yourself

Create space. Dare to step out of the ‘rat race’ that we maintain ourselves. Create a quiet place where you can relax. Listen to what your heart has to say. If you are not used to this, your mind will constantly want to intervene to interfere. You can also see that without judgement.

By starting to create space for yourself in whatever form works for you, meditating, walking, painting, writing, your heart will open. Dare to ask yourself honest questions. See which beliefs still prevent you from believing in yourself and in your own magic.

Feel free to share your experience with me below.

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