What is a Human Angel?

What is a Human Angel?

The term Human Angel has been used in the literature for thousands of years. The Group has only been talking about the development of Human Angels since 1999. In a live channeling in Veldhoven they presented the “7 gifts of the third millennium”. In this message, the fifth gift is that we are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice. The second Planet of Free Choice originated and exists in its own evolutionary time frame.

The Group says that as Angels in Heaven their highest purpose is to reflect the greatness of people. And that we as Humans are now beginning to evolve into a higher vibrational state. The next stop in our evolutionary journey will lead some of us to become Human Angels.

A Human Angel is one who takes on the task of making a positive contribution to the life of another through spirit at just the right confluence of time and space.

The Group hastily reminds us that it can be very difficult to be a Human Angel. You rarely get to see the harvest of the seeds you sow. Being a Human Angel also means being ready to empower people without taking away that person’s responsibility or power.

Any Angel will tell you that this is not an easy task. But taking on the task of being placed in situations where a kind word, a smile or a gift can help one change the course of one’s life forever, that is the work of a Human Angel.

The Group also states that this is only a temporary position, as those who choose the Human Angel role are in fact in training for the Angel role for the Second Planet of Free Choice.


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