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What is a New Age Child? You can recognize New Age Children by these characteristics

What is a New Age Child?

A New Age child is clairsentient, empathetic and telepathic. New age children easily pick up on the feelings of others. The boundary between the sensory world and the ‘ invisible ‘ world of feelings, moods and energies is very fluid for them. They perceive “the inside” more easily and are not misled by outward behavior that does not match what is happening inside. Their intuitive perception is accurate.

New Age children are peacemakers: they feel the impulse to reconcile conflicting interests, create harmony and settle conflicts. Together with their intuitive abilities, this often leads these children to grow old and mature early:

they sometimes understand their parents better than they understand themselves or each other, and they often try to help them or build a bridge between the two. They feel they become ‘the parent of their parents’ and can identify with this helping, therapeutic role. Part of their uninhibited childhood can be lost as a result.

A new age child is idealistic. New age children are spiritual, thoughtful and imaginative. They are inspired by ideals such as equality, brotherhood and respect for nature.

In their aura you often see that the highest two chakras are wide open: they can therefore experience a lot of inspiration, insight and enthusiasm. But often you also see that this energy is not (completely) grounded, which manifests itself in vagueness, restlessness, dreaminess or lack of sense of reality.

New age children are more emotional than rational. They have difficulty with preconceived structures and mental boxes that leave little room for intuition, unpredictability and individuality. In fact, they are here to teach us to break with a tradition of excessive thinking and analysis.

Now it is true that all children are emotional beings to some degree, but what distinguishes New Age children is that it is physically and emotionally impossible for them to adapt to an environment that is too highly ratio-based. They then literally become ill or show serious behavioral disorders. They are, as it were, with one leg already so firmly anchored in a heart consciousness that they cannot go back.

Partly because of this strong intuitive awareness and their inability to adapt, a New Age child may come across as rebellious, “different” or headstrong. In fact, it is not their intention to be rebellious.

They just want to be themselves. But if there’s no room for that, they can become dropouts, loners living on the fringes of society.
Because they are less driven by fear and self-preservation, they are less sensitive to coercion, authority and discipline.

Yet they can suffer intensely and be confused by the misunderstanding they encounter. As a result, they can feel alienated and lonely and wonder what is the meaning of their presenceon earth. However, when they do find their place and express their creative and spiritual energy, they are original and inspiring in their ideas and gentle, loyal and non-competitive in their dealings with people.

Love is essential for a New Age Child

A new age child has a passion for justice, for truth and for fair play. Just notice how violently they can react when someone lies and speaks untruth. Pay attention to their reaction, if someone is dishonest or cheating.

Hear how fierce they can react when someone cheats with the truth in order to show themselves better: they just can’t bear it. This sense of truth and honesty, if I perceive it correctly, forms the basis for their pronounced sense of love. Love is essential and indispensable for a new age child.

New age children do not take on an easy task: they are children who are not focused on matter, but rather on the spiritual dimensions of life. And they carry the new spiritual energies in their own hearts to Earth. But they are born into a society that is becoming more and more materialistic. And so a new age child can count on a lot of resistance and opposition to that new life on earth…

Problems New Age Children Experience

In the enumeration of these characteristics, it immediately becomes clear what the problems look like that new age children (can) have to deal with. The main problem they encounter is that their energy is not properly recognized and understood by the environment, which prevents them from expressing themselves sufficiently.

If communication falters here, if there is a substantial misunderstanding of their energy, various “behavioral disorders” can arise.

Children can become rebellious, hot-tempered and difficult to handle. They don’t feel seen and heard and actually want to say “no”, but don’t know exactly how. They still lack expression skills. What happens over time is that they themselves no longer understand what exactly moves them.

If their inner life is not mirrored by an environment that names it and helps to manifest it, children become locked in with their “otherness”. They can then seem difficult, irrational or unmanageable, and it takes a lot of attention and insight to understand what goes on in these children, because often they don’t know it themselves anymore.

It is also possible that children who feel emotionally unwelcome withdraw and close themselves off from the environment. They do not react in pressure or rebellious behavior.

They are in their inner world and are difficult to reach for the parents or other people. There is often an intense sensitivity in these children, which, together with the incomprehension they experience for their way of being, results in a “slam of feeling”. This reaction is sometimes referred to as autism (or autism-related disorder).

It is a paradox that autistic children are called non-empathic (ie incapable of empathizing with others). They are without exception very sensitive. You could say that they have such a hard time holding on to the boundaries of their own self, that they cannot afford to reach out empathically with their consciousness to another.

They have the feeling that their world will collapse, as if everything will sink into chaos and they will not be able to find themselves again. The non-empathic behavior of an autistic child is based on an enormous sensitivity and therefore a very great receptivity to other people’s energy. It is in response to this that an autistic child feels it needs to protect itself and emotionally shuts itself off.

The non-empathic behavior you see in an autistic child is therefore a survival mechanism and not an essential property of the indwelling soul. as if everything will get bogged down in chaos and they won’t be able to find themselves again. The non-empathic behavior of an autistic child is based on an enormous sensitivity and therefore a very great receptivity to other people’s energy.

It is in response to this that an autistic child feels it needs to protect itself and emotionally shuts itself off. The non-empathic behavior you see in an autistic child is therefore a survival mechanism and not an essential property of the indwelling soul. as if everything will get bogged down in chaos and they won’t be able to find themselves again.

The non-empathic behavior of an autistic child is based on an enormous sensitivity and therefore a very great receptivity to other people’s energy. It is in response to this that an autistic child feels it needs to protect itself and emotionally shuts itself off. The non-empathic behavior you see in an autistic child is therefore a survival mechanism and not an essential property of the indwelling soul.What is a New Age Child

Both children who seek an extroverted “solution” for their inner problems (rebellion, restlessness, concentration problems) and children who choose an introverted solution (locking themselves up in their inner world) have a number of characteristics in common:

  • – They don’t feel welcome, not really valued for who they are.
  • – They are not properly grounded. You can literally observe this because you see that their aura at the bottom does not reach all the way to the ground. What it concretely means is that they have no resting point in themselves, an anchor, as it were, from which they can clearly feel where they stand. They don’t know what it feels like to be calm and relaxed “with themselves”.
  • – They may show physical complaints or react very sensitively to certain foods or other substances.
  • – When they become teenagers, it may prove difficult to find a good connection with society (eg finding a suitable education or job).

Below we would like to say something about the way in which you could guide these children and teenagers and help them to get a better foothold. But first I want to emphasize that it is important not to think in terms of guilt when we talk about the causes of the problems that New Age children experience. The parents of these children often go out of their way to take good care of them and take care of them.

A number of parents are very aware of the special qualities of their child and become increasingly intuitively attuned to who they are. Due to their openness, a tremendous learning process takes place and it is these parents who, in collaboration with their children, will pave the way for new ways of interacting with children in society.

The sometimes painful confrontation that the new age children enter into with earthly reality has been deliberately chosen. They come to bring something new and in their hearts they know it. This puts their difficulties in a different perspective. At soul level they take responsibility for what they encounter in their lives, they accept the obstacles.

Society is not “against them”, but society is sleeping in many ways. It is the habitual sleep and the arrival of the new age children is a ‘wake-up call’. The older generation of lightworkers have experienced the same dilemmas as these children, with the difference that things are gaining momentum these days. The new children are both the cause and the effect of this acceleration.

New Age Children of the New World

Many people say that these children are special; I prefer to say that all children are special, but they are different. Most notably, these children remember who they are; they remember other lives and often where they came from. They know they have a purpose here on this planet.

Since these “Children of the New Earth” were not born with the so-called veil that non-new age children have, they can often see the colors around living things, as well as life forms that the rest of us cannot. Looking into the eyes of a new age child, it is like seeing a wise old soul.

Indeed, many of them are old soulson this planet, but there are also some new age children who are here for the first time. They come with specialties; wisdom that emerges in due time. These children come as “system squatters”. That’s how they’re meant to be and therefore they don’t always fit into established systems, which is why many of them simply refuse to join.

Traditional left-brain oriented educational institutions are not meeting their needs. Since they often see a bigger picture, they see more of a creative approach to problem-solving, they refuse to queue, and don’t want to imitate their teachers in a parrot way. Because a new age child remembers who he/she is, they do not have the same self-awareness values ​​that others have. Parents and teachers cannot make them feel guilty or manipulate them.

They see right through it and call the adults on roll call. Therefore, they simply cannot be raised the way their parents used to. This can lead to a lot of frustration on both sides. It is therefore strongly recommended to always treat these children with the respect due to them. It is important to remember that they are still human children, and therefore still need guidance and age limitations.

Even then, they should be addressed and treated with respect and dignity. Offering a new age child choices, if they are present, is a surefire way to gain their cooperation. They want to be recognized, heard, and known in decision-making. Explain to them (without being condescending) how you feel and what you want from them and why. Don’t treat them like children.What is a New Age Child

About raising a New Age child

We have yet to learn to accept that children of our time are constructed differently.

The only way you can help a new age child is to realize that they are OK just the way they are. Then you may be willing to give yourself the same gift. Then you would realize that you are OK just the way you are.

You don’t have to change anything. That will lead you to freedom. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. That will lead you to enlightenment. When you allow your mind to be filled with light, you give your new age child permission to do the same.

It is still often the case in society that in upbringing and education it is assumed that a child knows nothing, that it is a blank sheet that has to be taught everything, that it is small, not only physically, but also mentally. . This is a big mistake. New age children are mature, adult souls. On an inner level they are just as old as their parents. Do you understand that this is special?

This realization alone has a powerful effect on the way you interact with these children. And this effect is not only felt within one’s own family, but it also affects the collective consciousness on Earth. The more parents look at their children in this way, the more open they are to the new energy that the children will bring. This will initiate changes in medicine

The connection with an unborn new age child

Often a new age child establishes  a connection with the mother and sometimes also with the father before they are born . Usually this happens in such a quiet way that parents do not become aware of it, but just as often parents do become aware.

For example, some new-age children already pass on the name they (want to) have during their mother’s pregnancy. They do this in a dream, but also in such a way that a parent suddenly hears/feels/knows a name inside, and at the same time immediately knows: that is the name of my child.

Other times they let their mother experience something of their being and that is something that makes a deep impression on many mothers. Still other mothers feel ‘lifted up’ during the pregnancy, as if they were being lifted into another sphere, into another consciousness.

Glorification of the `special child`

A disturbing trend is the glorification of the ‘space-like’, special, and meanwhile ‘unfounded’ child. And this is seen as something special and wonderful. Well, a child who is out of reality or disconnected is an unhappy and miserable child and the best thing you can do for the child is to help the child ground and quickly.

The needs of these children are to feel safe enough to be fully grounded  and here, to connect with other people and other children and enjoy life to the fullest. Not to float around and get out of reality, without commitment.

Let’s stop glorifying ‘special’ and ‘different’ and start seeing what these kids really tell us. The message of the Heart is Empowerment for All. Let’s start working on empowering our children, they are the future. And we empower them through love and unconditional acceptance of ALL children.

Features, as they appeared in the late 90s:

these are characteristics of the new age child as they first appeared on the internet in the late 1990s. I personally prefer the above, but these characteristics are certainly still often applicable:

  • They often cry like babies
  • They make wise statements for their age
  • They approach everything from their emotion
  • They live from their own wisdom
  • They are sensitive to the atmosphere and moods of others and sometimes adopt them
  • They have a strong sense of justice
  • They have a hard time with deceit, lying and falsehood
  • They are busy (ADHD) or withdrawn
  • They have difficulty with motor skills
  • They are dreamy
  • They often come up with original solutions that no one had thought of
  • They react very intuitively
  • They sometimes have paranormal experiences
  • They sometimes have dyslexia or dyscalculia
  • They often have food intolerances
  • They have eczema, allergies or other skin conditions
  • They sometimes have asthma
  • They have a strong bond with nature and often they are vegetarian out of conviction
  • They often have a difference in development speed between language and math skills, motor and intellectual and social skills.
  • They can sometimes be very hot-tempered if they are not understood
  • They are sometimes very afraid of things that we cannot see or understand
  • They regularly have sleeping problems and are sad and/or anxious
  • They are sometimes

Desired behavior towards New Age children:

  • Treat them with respect, recognize their role in the family
  • Help them create their own disciplinary solutions
  • Always give them choices, in everything
  • Never patronize them and never laugh at them
  • Always explain why they should do things. If it sounds ridiculous to you, it will do to them. Then change it, they will respect this. They know right away when you’re being honest so don’t try to make things up and just say you don’t feel like it today because you’re tired
  • Become partners with them in their own upbringing
  • From baby, explain everything and why you are doing it. They will not immediately understand you, but they will feel that you respect their consciousness. It helps them a lot when they start talking
  • If problems do arise, go to someone who understands them before giving them medicine
  • All New Age children respond particularly well to Homeopathy, Bach remedies and Reiki. If this is done by therapists where they feel at home one can see astonishing results in a short time
  • Give them help under all circumstances and avoid negative criticism. Always let them know that you support them in their process. They will often contradict you directly or let you know their comments. Enjoy and celebrate the successes. Let them do things without excessive encouragement
  • Don’t tell them who they are now or what they will be in the future. They already know exactly what they are going to do. Let them decide for themselves what they are interested in. Don’t force them into a family business. The kids are definitely not followers.
  • Treat them equally and be a good friend to them.


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