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What is a Soul Group? How can we recognize someone from our soul group?

Each of us has a soul group that we are spiritually connected to, just that little bit more than we are connected to the collective consciousness . A group that is meant to connect us both in the spirit world, and here by choice in physical form. This is our soul group. You can read here what this means for you and how you can recognize someone from your soul group.

The group includes you, and another person or several people. Our spirit guides are also part of our soul group.

People from our soul group come into our lives at seemingly random times, but in fact these meetings were arranged by us in spirit before we came here.

We agree to connect and allow each other to learn a lesson or many lessons, depending on how long we have arranged to learn in each other’s lives. This is why some people are only fleetingly but intensely involved in our lives, and then move on.

Perhaps you have felt a connection when meeting someone for the first time, a feeling as if you have always known them, “an instant rapport?”

Even using the internet has led to the discovery of soul groups, so the feeling of being connected to someone on the other side of the world is not so strange.

However, meeting someone on the same path is not quite the same as meeting someone from your soul group, there is a difference in the intensity of the feeling.

How can we recognize someone from our soul group?

  • Another soul group member speaks the same spiritual language . We recognize their energy, not their appearance.
  • It feels like you’ve already met that person somewhere (but you know you haven’t).
  • You may finish each other’s sentences, or have the same ideas out of the blue at the same time, on the same topic.
  • Verbal or other forms of communication often overlap, eg phone calls, emails… Telepathy
  • Often you are attracted to that person, who is beyond the emotional connection you could possibly have built in the short time that you have known them. It is important to remember that the feeling is always reciprocal if they are a true member of the same soul group. This is no excuse for a fixation on someone who clearly doesn’t want to know about this!
  • You are aware when you are with this person that you are going through something important together that will make you even more spiritually aware when that journey comes to an end.

Do you recognize anyone in your life now or in the past who belongs to your soul group? Think about the people who triggered these feelings in you, and even if they’re not in your life now, think about what you learned from them this time, and be grateful .


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