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What is a walk in? Read the main features here

A walk-in is a soul that bypasses the usual process of acquiring a human body by being born, attending primary school, etc. Instead, a soul makes an appointment with another soul to at some point of exchange life energy. Usually the walk-in soul approaches a human body, which is burdened by earthly life.

The walk-in soul begins to negotiate during this person’s dreams, saying, “Instead of you dying or committing suicide, which is a waste of a human body that can be used to serve the Light, I ask you allow me to help you when I will take over your body and then you can go to your home in heaven with honor.I feed your cat, help your kids with their homework, call your mom every Sunday and take over all other responsibilities.”

So in essence, features of the walk-in are:

  •  you wake up one day and feel like your life is a bad dream or a life you don’t recognize
  •  you have no memories of your childhood, or of important parts of your past
  • you have a history of suicidal fantasies, or attempts to do so
  • you hear from friends and family: ‘you are no longer yourself’
  • you make sudden and drastic changes, such as changing your first name, moving house, getting divorced , changing jobs, holding different religious beliefs, etc.

“I let myself slide into the body and saw the other lean weakly against the angel who had come to lead her away,” A. recalls of her ‘walk-in’ experience. Annette is not someone who does not track and flees into fantasies. She has a master’s degree in education, is CEO of a natural products company, and is also a former director of several large corporations. Nobody, if you look at her or talk to her, would believe that she is a ‘walk-in’.

The process of a walk-in is very different from being possessed by a soul, which clings to one’s body and soul. In a walk-in situation, two souls exchange life energy in the same way as a car is sold to another owner. There is only one soul in a walk-in body. The soul that leaves is called a ‘walk-out’. Since there are more souls who want a human body than there are bodies they can get into, the ‘walk-in’ soul may come from a waiting list.

walk out
In a ‘walk-in’ situation, two souls exchange life energy in the same way as a car is sold to another owner. There is only one soul in a ‘walk-in’ body. The soul that leaves is called a ‘walk-out’

Or the walk-in soul can be a twin soul or strongly connected soul mate of the ‘walk-out’ soul. Which means that she already had a contract with the ‘walk-out’ before conception.

Normally, however, the walk-in soul is of a higher spiritual level, with a purpose for which they immediately need a human body to perform.

Usually the souls spend a lot of time having conversations about swapping their souls. They make test rounds, in which the walk-in soul tries out the new body and the ‘walk-out’ soul experiences what it is like to be free, without a body. both parties must be in full agreement before the final exchange takes place.

This is similar to the process a person goes through before undergoing a sex change through surgery. Since the walk-in procedure cannot be reversed (unless prior arrangements have been made), both parties must be absolutely sure that they really want this exchange.

If the decision is made to proceed, an exchange period will be determined. This means that the ‘walk-out’ soul is attempting suicide, having an accident, undergoing surgery or having an out-of-body experience.

The switch can also occur when one soul is sleeping, taking a nap, or meditating. During the change, the old soul departs and passes on to the afterlife, just as if he or she had died. The new soul immediately enters and takes over the new body.

When the new soul awakens there is usually no memory of the exchange process. Amnesia occurs when a soul travels from the 4th dimension of the spiritual world (where there is no time experience) and ends up in the 3rd dimension of Earthly life and time This is the same when you dream a soul journey and learn sacred information, but cannot remember specific information the next day.

The measurement of time here on Earth “neutralizes” the truths we learn in the spiritual realm, because they don’t seem right in our environment. Yet the information is still there, hidden in our memory, where it helps and guides us. Whether we remember it or not.

Walk-in souls don’t remember the exchange on a conscious level, all they know is that their lives suddenly don’t seem right anymore. Suddenly (as opposed to a slowly growing sense of unease) they feel as if their lives have landed in the wrong movie. They no longer recognize their children, spouse or friends. They feel like aliens in their own lives.

Their family tells them, “You are not yourself!” They may say this as a compliment or as a complaint. When the walk-in tries to remember his or her childhood or recent past, their memory appears to be fuzzy or empty.

They don’t feel comfortable with their name and change it. That feels better and it gives them the courage to change other things that suit them better and how they look at life. They can move, change jobs, let go of some people in their lives, or take the initiative for a whole new, big project.


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