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What is channeling? – Pamela Kribbe


The phenomenon of ‘channelling’ raises many questions and amazement. I will not try to explain or define exactly what channeling is. I will describe how I came into contact with the phenomenon of ‘channelling’ and what it means in my life.

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So this is a personal account, which does not pretend to be a ‘general theory of channeling’. It is my experience, colored by my ideas, feelings and background.

In 2002 I started my aurareading practice. My husband Gerrit and I both had a deep interest in philosophy and spirituality throughout our lives. I myself had graduated and promoted in philosophy, while Gerrit worked as a computer scientist and had also studied hypnotherapy, astrology and esoteric literature.

When we moved in together in 2001, we made it a habit to have evening sessions where I went into a trance and he guided me from his experience and affinity with hypnotherapy. In this way we explored all kinds of psychological aspects of ourselves – emotional blocks, past lives – and more general questions about life and spirituality.Ascending Soul

One evening during such a session I felt a presence that I did not know. I had previously had contact with guides, spiritual teachers who surrounded me with gentle energy and loving suggestions.

But this was different. This presence felt serious and penetrating. We decided to investigate who or what this was, and when I connected with this energy, it felt like a wise, masculine presence.

I then very clearly saw the name ‘Jeshua ben Joseph’ appear before my inner eye, the Aramaic name of Jesus. In a flash of a second I felt to myself that it was true, that it was the energy of Jesus that I felt with me. But at the same time, a chorus of skeptical-rational voices started singing in my head, telling me it couldn’t be done, that it was weird and ridiculous or pretentious.

This choir has never been completely silent, but it now sings a little lower. We have met so many beautiful and valuable things in our lives through our acquaintance with Jeshua, that I have gradually become convinced that ‘there is something’ and that it does not come from me alone.

One of the first things that happened after meeting Jeshua is that I felt his help in the individual consultations I did as an aura reader. He helped me ground well and protect myself from too much sensitivity. Sometimes I could (in the beginning) feel energetically exhausted after a reading and Jeshua helped me to better hold my limits.

He did this through a kind of energy transfer and also with words – in the form of short, telepathic messages. I always feel ‘centered’ when I tune into Jeshua’s energy. It is a feeling that I am being put back into my base and letting go of irrelevant worrisome thoughts and emotions. It is a feeling of inner freedom.

At this stage of our ‘cooperation’, I didn’t tell anyone about the contact with Yeshua yet. It was only after more than a year that we confided in some good friends and organized small sessions. Gerrit and I also received together from Jeshua the series of messages from the first part of this book (the Lightworkers series) and we put them on the Internet.

In April 2004 we were invited by the Belgian spiritual center ‘The Moon Circle’ to do a public channeling. I felt that I had to respond to this invitation, even though I had strong fears to overcome. This first meeting marked the beginning of the second series of channelings held in the presence of groups of people. I always had to contend with great fear and reserve to come out with this way of ‘lecturing’.

Yet the atmosphere during the meetings was so special and the energy of Yeshua so palpable, that it inspired me to continue again and again. Through the meetings and later also workshops that we were going to organize, we met many people with whom there was naturally a like-mindedness, a common interest and openness to the spiritual.

The energy of Yeshua has meant to me that I have come to meet my ‘spiritual family’, in short-term encounters or longer-term friendships. This has been a very precious gift. a common interest and openness to the spiritual. The energy of Yeshua has meant to me that I have come to meet my ‘spiritual family’, in short-term encounters or longer-term friendships.

This has been a very precious gift. a common interest and openness to the spiritual. The energy of Yeshua has meant to me that I have come to meet my ‘spiritual family’, in short-term encounters or longer-term friendships. This has been a very precious gift.

What happens now while channeling? This is a question for me that does not yet have a definitive answer. I can describe how it feels to me. I was already familiar with the trance state from my work as an aura reader before I started. The trance consciousness is a combination of physical relaxation and mental alertness.

In the trance state my body feels (after a while) more fluid or lighter, and I can look at things freely and openly in my mind without thinking about it too much. In the trance state you perceive intuitively. You perceive with a ‘knowing feeling’, not loaded with emotion or judgment. This does not mean that you perceive everything well.

The degree to which you perceive clearly depends very much on the emotional balance you have achieved within. It is never perfect. But the further your inner growth grows, the easier you can perceive openly and freely. I am convinced that in developing skills such as aural reading and channeling, your personal inner development is much more important than learning certain techniques.

The trance state for me has never been accompanied by a loss of control over myself. I have never lost consciousness during a trance state, nor have I ever lost consciousness during a channeling with Yeshua.

Rather, you could say that my self-awareness is enhanced when Yeshua’s energy and messages flow through me. I don’t feel turned off but turned on on a deeper level of myself, a level that I can’t just reach in daily life. The channelings help me realize who I really am. They show me something about the higher self or angelic being that I really am.

I think that in a channeling my ‘little self’ connects with my higher self and that the energy of Yeshua mediates this. It seems like I need his energy to actually feel and accept my own greatness. If I can fully ‘carry’ the realization of my true self in the earthly reality, I may no longer need to rely on its energy. I can then ‘channel’ myself.

Sometimes people ask: how do you know if you are not actually channeling your higher self? Or: isn’t it better to channel your own higher self rather than another entity? What I can say to that is: for me the interaction with Yeshua is an experience,

I cannot ignore it. It feels real and good to me. It feels to me like a connection between my little self, the energy of a teacher, and my higher self.

I certainly think that the ultimate goal of your entire course of development is to independently channel your higher self, or rather: let it incarnate on earth, let it flow out and take root in the earthly reality. However, as an intermediate stage, the help of a teacher is very valuable. That’s how I experience it.

The danger that may arise with the phenomenon of channeling is that people regard the knowledge or message that ‘gets through’ as ​​by definition higher or better because it comes from ‘the beyond’. This is of course not the case.


What is decisive for the value of a channeled text is the content richness, clarity and love that it expresses. What is indicated as the source of the channeling is of secondary importance. In addition, channeled messages are received by Earth people and are always colored by the personal experiences and conceptual framework of the transmitting person.

The purity of a channel is not in the channel turning itself off completely (that’s impossible), but that he or she puts his or her faculties at the service of the energy to be channeled and does not distort it or distorts it as little as possible by his own judgments and fears. The key question with all spiritual messages is: does the message come from love or from fear? This is more important than the question of who or what exactly is the author of the text.

The last thing a true spiritual teacher wants you to do is to take something from him “because he says so.” Such an appeal to authority goes against the very essence of spirituality: that all you really need to know is within yourself. There is no authority outside of you, no ‘ascended master’ or light being who knows better than you do.

In the philosophy of science, the branch of philosophy that deals with the question ‘what is science?’, there is a movement that says that our everyday ideas are subjective, but that (natural) science reveals the objective truth about reality. You could call this objectivism. A variety of other thinkers have shown that scientific ideas are also strongly influenced by unproven, historically determined assumptions and subjective expectations.

They believe that science also shows only one interpretation of the world, one version of the truth, so to speak. You could call this position relativism: it says that there is no position that is completely objective, in the sense that it is separate from any (subjective) observer.

I myself am inclined to subscribe to relativism and I believe that it would be very good to apply this insight to the field of channeling and mediumship. Sometimes people seem to expect that speaking ‘from the other world’ provides insight into ‘the objective truth’, a revelation of ‘what it is actually like without our human perspectives on it’.

This seems like a mistake to me. Perspectives from the other side remain ‘perspectives’. When done right, they are enlightening, inspiring and give you hope, strength and courage. But they don’t tell the ‘ultimate truth’. They are, partly because they are ‘channeled’ by earthly people, place, time and culture bound. And that’s good.

I think there is such a thing as an ‘energy of truth’. This is an energy you see emanating from loving, authentic people, or from inspiring works of art, or from nature in its wild state. It is an energy of calm, clarity and simplicity.

There is something visible that we try to make sayable in words, ideas or theories, but which also partly eludes us, because it is never completely sayable, cannot be completely reduced to words and concepts.

Jeshua’s channelings are not intended to tell ‘how it is actually’ but ‘that it is in you’. They don’t want to tell the truth, but they do want to make the ‘energy of the truth’ tangible. If this energy becomes palpable while reading the texts, the purpose of this book has been accomplished.Channel

I will conclude here with a few words from Yeshua himself about the phenomenon of ‘channelling’. So a channeling about channeling.

Yeshua on ‘channeling’

Channeling is a way to get closer to yourself through someone else. This other temporarily fulfills the function of teacher. The energy of the other helps you to get to a deeper level of yourself. The energy of the other lifts you above the fears that hide your essential light.

A teacher shows you your own light. A teacher sees your light better than you do it yourself. Once this light becomes visible and accessible to yourself, the teacher is superfluous. You can then start channeling your own light. The other then no longer has to be the bridge between you and your higher self.

I remind you for a while of your own light. I reflect your greatness to you in the form of Yeshua ben Joseph. You see yourself in me, your Christ self, but you do not know this yet. I am your frame of reference, my energy is a guide for you. I help you connect more deeply with your own Christ self.

It gradually comes to the fore, and then I go to the background. This is good. Remember, in this relationship I’m there for you, you’re not there for me. I am not an end, but a means. The rebirth of the Christ energy is the resurrection of your Christ self, not mine.

I do what promotes your greatness. My goal is that you make me redundant. When you channel me, don’t make yourself small or invisible. I just want you to make yourself bigger, feel your true power flowing and let your light shine in the world.

A teacher shows the way but you walk it. After a while you find yourself walking alone, leaving the teacher behind. This is a great and sacred moment. The teacher remains with you, and dwells in your heart as an inner figure, but his outer figure disappears.

We remain connected, but in time you will recognize or want to call me less and less as a separate figure. I have then become your own energy. You will eventually no longer know me as separate from you. This means that you have actually heard and seen me.


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