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What is Heart Consciousness?


Heart consciousness is : energy flow from your heart. Can you see life from heart energy? That is different from love energy. Heart consciousness is different from love consciousness. It is an even higher frequency than love. And it starts with you.

What is the difference?

Love is 3D and 5D , love comes in two forms; conditional and unconditional. This often overlaps. So love can split you in two. Towards your heart consciousness it is then a ‘staircase to the top’. A step up in the frequency, as it were. 3D is conditional love, then you act more and more from 5D, unconditional love and so you can grow to the heart frequency of the heart consciousness.

It’s really a different frequency. In the heart energy, it doesn’t matter anymore, it’s just there. The heart connection, vibration, that energy, you can link everything to that. It is similar to emotional value. Emotional value can be linked to things, people and also to experiences. Anything that can’t really be bought with money.

Some examples

dandruff handsYou can have a very good friend with whom you do not have a love relationship, but with whom the heart-frequency resonates with each other. That is an emotional value. It is a certain bond that you have in trust, in love and connection. The experience / feeling you share with each other makes the friendship very big and broad.

In a partner relationship you always have a part conditional and unconditional. You always have to take responsibility, you have certain things to do, appointments, divided household tasks. This also contains the expectations hidden in your partner relationship. As soon as you can let each other go completely free and loose in everything you expect from each other within your partner relationship, you can grow to the heart frequency with each other.

Can you do that? Or are you still bound by social norms, responsibilities and values ​​that have been imposed on us for thousands of years? Looking at relationships differently is part of awareness. Because in what do we keep each other captive? Where can we set each other free?


When I look at my children, I can say that it is unconditional love, but I know that there is also a part of it conditional. If only for the fact that I want them to be nice to others, to do their best at school and to help with, for example, setting the table. It contains all expectations and that is conditionality.

Whatever they will ever do, good or bad, I will always love them. Naturally! And that’s the unconditionality. If anything was wrong with my kids, I’d fight like a lioness and give my life if I had to. That’s my heart rate that’s then in power! So you are constantly tossed back and forth between conditional and unconditional and heart consciousness.

When are you in the energy of the heart consciousness?

Heart consciousness is when you can accept yourself 100% in a certain area of ​​life. I call that ‘coming out’, you can look at it from many points of view. In recent years, it has been about spirituality for me. I have always had a lot of interest, undergoing courses, growth and discoveries, but coming out was difficult for me.

My own judgment of course! That stood in my way for many years. I myself think that I can now say that I accept myself 100% in my talents and knowledge of spirituality. That’s the heart connection I’ve made in it. Of course there are always areas of life / parts of myself that I have not (yet) accepted. Over the years, as soon as it is necessary, when it is time, these will naturally surface from my subconscious.

To do something with it. Or not. That’s how it works in life. Making a 100% heart connection in all areas of life is in my experience something like being an ‘enlightened person”. It is certainly doable, but it will take a few years to get there. So start in steps!5d dolphins

What makes you happy?

To go for what makes you happy, in which you can really be yourself, that is heart consciousness. A particular relationship, or job, starting a business, coming out in any way… Once you choose that, as soon as you choose for yourself what you believe in, you are in the heart consciousness.

Strangely enough, you also swing back to conditional and unconditional love. That’s because the world as it is today is based on it. For example, in this current society, you will have to earn money at some point. the baker doesn’t say either; ‘take the bread for free because I baked it with love!’.

That’s not possible either. Another example;you choose a relationship, very loving, but there too the responsibilities come at a certain point. You keep swinging back and forth in it. You do make the choice from your heart consciousness, you choose what you prefer to do, who you prefer to be with and what gives you energy. This will increase the energy of your life. The trick is to keep it high!

full confidence

Heart consciousness, heart connections, even if it is temporary, as soon as the frequency hits you, it will be so special and intense, that it will give your life a turn anyway. For example, if you travel around Australia with a backpack and step out into the world in complete confidence. When you come home after a year, your life is different.

What are moments of complete trust? That’s when you have to have faith in people and equipment. If you sit in a helicopter with a thunderstorm, you will have to trust both the pilot and the device. When you go Bungy Jumping you have to surrender completely to the equipment that you will eventually dangle from. It’s incredibly scary to take a step in such complete confidence. Expose yourself.


How wonderful is the euphoria when you have actually done it. How good do you feel afterwards? Why is taking the step from your heart consciousness such a threshold? Because it’s so special, you need so much confidence in yourself that you can do it. That’s all right. We humans are so damaged in trusting ourselves that you can really do something, that you are worth it, so it is a victory, especially to yourself, to step into your heart consciousness.

And the emotional value associated with it cannot be bought with money. There isn’t. Such a thing just can never exist, you can’t buy a Bungy Jumping experience and feel it when you haven’t done it. That is not possible.You cannot buy an experience of love and trust when it is not there.

You can only do it yourself

From the heart consciousness you make the choice for yourself, and in that you do something that really only you can do. No one else can do that for you. An experience no one else can experience for you.

No one can love you the way you can. Once you accept yourself for who and what you are, you make a heart connection with yourself. This automatically raises your frequency, allowing others to love you as you are. Then you automatically attract who suits you.heart people

Choose for yourself

Choosing for yourself is different from making a heart connection with yourself. As an example; you see this regularly with animal lovers, vegans, political affiliations, strict religious groups or spiritual people. They choose, out of their love and conviction, to follow a certain way of life. Beautiful of course! I do that as well.

There is a big difference between choosing from a heart connection or for yourself. As soon as you start proclaiming to your environment that they should also do what you do, then you are not working from your authentic self, that is not a heart connection. Being disappointed when others don’t follow you, or even get angry.

You then do it from a certain protest, from taking action.As soon as you work from that energy, people will react to you from the same energy, also take action, but then the opposite. With the heels in the sand. You are both holding the same stick, but both, on the other side.

heart rate

If you choose yourself from your heart connection and there are others who do not follow you, then that is okay. That gives a lot of peace of mind. Everyone can have an opinion about anything. That’s okay. As long as you let yourself be touched and go into resistance, you are not working from your heart connection.

Then you are rebellious, which you do need to grow, a kind of puberty. It’s normal, but realize you’re still in the middle of the process. You are still breaking away from your old self. An adolescent also needs a number of years to become an adult, to find himself and to free himself from the upbringing that has been imposed. That’s what you have at that moment.

You can compare it with that.You feel the opposition of others as a personal rejection towards you. It is not the rejection of the other, but it is the rejection of yourself towards yourself that you then feel. The other just mirrors it. As long as you are rebelling for ‘good things’, so from your conviction, you stay in the conditional love piece, you stay in the 3D love.

You do it with all your heart, you do it with all conviction and you know from your point of view that it is best. And yet you feel resistance. That’s your own resistance. As soon as you want to make people aware, just from your own mastery, want to show that, then there is peace and love, then you open yourself to let people come to you. That’s from a heart stay in the 3D love.

You do it with all your heart, you do it with all conviction and you know from your point of view that it is best. And yet you feel resistance. That’s your own resistance. As soon as you want to make people aware, just from your own mastery, want to show that, then there is peace and love, then you open yourself to let people come to you. That’s from a heart connection. you stay in the 3D love.

You do it with all your heart, you do it with all conviction and you know from your point of view that it is best. And yet you feel resistance. That’s your own resistance.As soon as you want to make people aware, just from your own mastery, want to show that, then there is peace and love, then you open yourself to let people come to you. That’s from a heart connection.

The resistance

Where does the resistance in yourself and in others come from?

An awful lot of people have been damaged in their youth. You were not allowed to rebel, you were raised with a heavy hand, no room for an opinion, abuse mentally or physically. You were not allowed to become what you wanted, etc. There are so many forms in your upbringing that can damage you.

Even in a loving environment that can happen. As soon as someone starts to tell you what to do with a lifted finger, despite being brought to you from all love and goodness, but from your own insecurity, that chord immediately touches both resistance and insecurity. People constantly mirror each other.

This is how you go with your heels in the sand.When you work from your heart-frequency, you can be neutral, you will no longer get resistance from others and no longer experience resistance from yourself. There is then no string to strike.

Universal Love

child and kiteIs there a next step? Yes! Universal love! The source. If you are in the heart frequency and work with it more often, meditate from there, make decisions from it, then you connect more easily with the primal source, then a universal love comes through you.

A primal feeling. I see that it is a step further, from your heart consciousness it is the next step, to connect with the primal source. Connecting with the primal source is a peace, tranquility, serene, loving, overwhelming feeling. It’s such an overwhelmingly complete feeling that I can hardly describe it. You connect with that primal source through your heart consciousness.

I wish you a beautiful attunement to your Heart frequency, so that you can grow from all your areas of life to the heart consciousness!


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