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What is Indigo Energy? The power to change the world

Since 2005 I have been writing about Indigo’s , a subject I know well because I myself bear this energetic stamp and am the mother of several Indigo children. This is not a new energy, but it has come to the fore in the last thirty years, as we have evolved enough to create space for it to express itself more fully.

It is the energy of change and truth, of shedding old, limiting and limited systems, allowing expansion and greater self-expression, awareness and empowerment.

Indigo energy is the force for change in the world, but is not always the force for change. She challenges us to stand in our truth when the falsehoods of everything we think is true are revealed. She is our teacher, to teach us what we have forgotten, by showing us how it doesn’t work for us.

indigo revolutionIndigo energy cannot accept the status quo, even if they don’t always know how to change it. They have the ideas, but they don’t know how to finish it. They have passion but no confidence.

They are talented but shy and deeply sensitive to criticism and judgment. They are deeply influenced by what they see as injustice , lack of compassion and kindness, dominance and control in the world, but often feel helpless in the face of it, even though they have the talent,

commitment and conviction to change it. They believe in others, but not always in themselves. So many of them struggle in silence, and their hearts break under the plight of humanity, wondering why no one sees what they see or feels what they feel.indigo rebel

Indigo children born in the 1980s , and adults born many generations before, all share the same commitment to change the world. The younger generation has managed to change social paradigms, starting with themselves.

They are the tattooed, anti-GMO vegetarians, genius kids, young artists, musicians, poets and writers, whose talent we find astonishing, wise and sometimes confusing. Indigos challenge us to go beyond our fears, open our hearts and speak with the words they can encourage in others, but don’t always want to use themselves.

And when the world breaks their hearts too often, many commit suicide , slip into addictions to escape the thoughts and feelings they can no longer cope with, or hide their gifts and talents behind ‘I don’t care and I don’t get involved ‘ – attitude.

Yet they are the change the world needs, and their path will continue to catapult us into a more loving, gentler, kinder and more powerful world, where our gifts are celebrated and our differences no longer matter.

The Indigo energy is our invitation to go from human to divine, not by trying to be holy, but by trying to be whole in who we are as individuals and as a family of humanity, and to accept our divinity when we move from human become spiritual-human.


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