What is resonance?

What is resonance?

Thanks to the law of resonance, we know that everything in the Universe communicates with each other through vibrations. All objects and all living beings have their own vibration, as do all organs and cells in our body. By raising the vibration in your organs, cells, and everything related to it, you feel finer and better in your body and things go more smoothly.

What does resonance mean?

Resonate means ‘sound back, resound, also vibrate along’. What resounds, what resounds, what vibrates along? We know that from the piano: if we strike a note on the piano, all strings that resonate with the struck note are also made to vibrate. All strings that feel the struck note and are in harmony with it will start to vibrate.

The notes can be higher or lower; as long as they are in resonance, they vibrate along. Your body that is out of balance cannot withstand the vibrational field that I create with my high vibration and will vibrate along with the caused frequency. She will no doubt respond to this heightened vibration. Just as all strings of a piano that are in harmony with the plucked string, cannot help but vibrate with this string. To create a resonance, i.e. a resonance or a matching vibration,

Healing impulses can only make the body vibrate optimally if the frequency that is proper to the body is affected by it. Only if a therapeutic impulse can resonate in a targeted way can it bring about targeted healing. If it does not resonate, then healing is more likely to be a coincidence. Treatments resonate with the client’s vibrations. However, every person is an independent individual, is different from others. This is also the case with diseases: every disease is individual. Therefore the treatment cannot consist of standardized therapies but the personal idiosyncrasies/energy of the client must be taken into account as much as possible. That is, therapy and the individual client must ‘resonate’.

In resonance with someone else:

What is resonance?

If you have a good connection with someone, and that person starts to yawn, then you naturally start to yawn, so you resonate with that person. Just like two people who are in love and become intensely into each other, they adopt the same attitude. Resonance means that you react or act in response to these unconscious perceptions.



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