What is the difference between a post-graduate degree and a master’s degree?

What is the average starting salary after studying law at university?

All those different names can lead to confusion. The admission requirements are also not always clear, nor are the ways in which these programs link up with a regular HBO program.

Develop yourself as a professional

A post-HBO education is perfect for people who want to start working after a regular HBO education, but still want to continue learning. In these courses you are generally working, and you also continue to learn. The post HBO courses are specializations.

During these specializations you go deeper into the field in which you work. While you spend a lot of time in school during a regular education and alternate this with an internship and graduation research, the practice in a post-HBO education is central. You can apply what you learn in practice.

The courses form the central whole. The field is explored in depth together with experts, and you learn everything about the chosen direction. A post-HBO course is also called a HBO + course.

Broadening and deepening knowledge with a HBO master’s degree

In addition to the post-HBO courses in the Netherlands, it is also possible to continue studying by means of an HBO master. This is not a university degree, but it is usually taught at the university.

An HBO master’s enables you to delve deeper into various theories aimed at the field. Where a university master is mainly theoretical and investigative, practical applications play an important role in an HBO master.

However, an HBO master is also a complete study, and after graduation you may bear the title M followed by the name of the study programme. The choice between an HBO master’s or post-HBO education is therefore entirely up to your own preferences. If you want to continue your studies, an HBO master’s might suit you better. If you prefer to get started, a post-HBO education may be more suitable.



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