What is the message of your burnout?

What is the message of your burnout?
Suppose you are burned out and you have the feeling: ‘I can’t go back to that place. Then burnout is apparently a signal that it is time to reflect on the question: ‘which work would suit me better?’ It’s good to also ask yourself: ‘what made me burn out?’ Getting an answer to this can prevent you from dropping out again.

Maybe you have a tendency to try too hard, or you ‘have’ too much of yourself. It may be necessary to examine the patterns in your thinking and acting. Unconscious drives can always send you in the same direction. And what if that is always not the right side? Then it is important to check with yourself why you do what you do.

Burnout requires letting go of old patterns

How do you let go of these old tendencies? Looking at yourself honestly is an important first step. Try to see within yourself what recurring thoughts are. Often these are beliefs that we have had for a long time. Conclusions we once drew, after a certain situation, in which we still believe. ‘I have to do it right, for example.

Seeing through these conclusions is essential. Often they are surrounded by fear and we have to feel the underlying pain (yet). Going through this will bring you a lot. Because these emotional layers in our consciousness dissolve as a result. It is a process of looking and feelingFeel and see.

What is the message of your burnout?

Writing helps with burnout

It’s about looking at your behavior and thoughts. It can help to write. If something is bothering you, grab a pen and paper, sit down and write. Keep writing, for two pages or ten minutes. Don’t stop and think, because then your critical voice will interfere. He wants to censor, and that is not the intention.

Write with pen on paper, because then you connect with your feelings. That does not work or less well on the computer. This is how you write yourself through your fear and pain. Then you come to underlying layers, such as your deeper desires. Ultimately you come to your essence, your pure power. By writing things down and reading them back later, you can see them clearly.

Expressing desires helps you out of your burnout

Those desires may well be about what you want to do, and what you want to accomplish in work. Or about unused talents who want to be given the space. Your sheer strength will help you stand up for this. To take steps. Like saying to your supervisor: ‘I don’t want this anymore. I want other work and orient myself on that.’ Or whatever.

It helps if you feel clearly inside: ‘This is what I want.’ If you have an idea or image of what you have in mind. Your new future may not be clear yet. It only becomes that if you take steps. With every action you take to realize your desire, that future gradually takes shape, step by step.

Burnout says: listen to your body

What is the message of your burnout?

If you are burned out, listen to signals from your body, such as loss of energy. Because your body knows how it is and has a message for you. Learning to understand these signals is essential to prevent new failures. And not only that. Taking the message of burnout seriously can lead to a new life and other work that suits you better.

This requires that you face old thinking and behavior patterns and feel your emotions. Doing this sets you free. So that you can see deeper aspects of yourself, such as desires and talents. Entering into such a process takes courage. I would like to put a heart to you here. Because I know from experience, that’s how you get on. Where you need to be.


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