What makes appreciation different from gratitude? + an exercise

What makes appreciation different from gratitude? + an exercise
Have you noticed that many people are in a constant state of discontent? Complain, grumble, and criticize oneself and others. People give so much attention to what is not going well or what is missing in life. It is never enough, one never thinks oneself good enough. What if we were more interested in the finer things in life and learned to express our appreciation for them?

Gratitude is like a love letter to your life and you gotta write one each day – Tamara Levitt

Forms of gratitude

What exactly does gratitude stand for? You can say that it is a friendly feeling that one experiences because of a favor that one has obtained. This is one of the first values ​​we learned as a child: saying thank you. Even if you don’t understand why at a young age, eventually you just take over, and at the slightest, you start to say thank you. Think about how many times a day you say thank you!

Gratitude is more than saying thank you. In most cases, we are grateful for what someone has done for us, a good outcome for a less pleasant situation, etc. But you can also be grateful for elements that are completely out of your control, just think of the weather. You are grateful for the beautiful weather so that you can enjoy the sun and a nice walk in nature.

What makes appreciation different from gratitude? + an exercise

A heartfelt “thank you”

Scientific research has shown that sincere gratitude has a positive impact on life. The feeling that one experiences here contributes to the creation of new connections in our brain cells. These new links actively contribute to experiencing more joy and positivity in life.

Many blogs and workshops give you tips on how to get started with gratitude. What is usually missing here is the impact of the energetic value of these exercises. As with an affirmation, it is essential to be aware of the feeling you experience with this exercise. Is your gratitude genuine or is it just uttering a few words?

It may be just pronouncing words in the beginning. However, if you practice this regularly, you will notice that you will slowly but surely feel appreciation.

A subtle energetic difference 

Did you know that there is an energetic difference between gratitude and appreciation? This is a great insight that I was able to discover through Abraham Hicks. For me, Abraham is the reference and a very instructive resource on the Law of Attraction . To be able to explain this, it is useful if you already know something about this Universal Law. In short: Like attracts Like. In other words: everything that you pay attention to (consciously or unconsciously), grows . As beings of light they perceive the energetic vibration of everything in the micro and macro cosmos. The theme of gratitude and appreciation is a recurring theme in their workshops and they emphasize the subtle difference between the two words.

This is how Abraham describes this:

Gratitude is a feeling that comes from a vibration of scarcity or lack. You give your attention to something or someone that complements here. It is recognizing that something is missing in your life and without that one thing or the input of another person, you could not have realized it on your own. Gratitude can also come from a feeling that you have overcome something, which makes you convinced that what existed before was a bad or unwanted situation.

For example, someone who is less fortunate financially can be very grateful for a scholarship. It opens the doors for this person to pursue higher studies. From a focus on scarcity (lack of financial resources), the scholarship is seen as a gift for which one is grateful.

What makes appreciation different?

What makes appreciation different from gratitude? + an exercise

Appreciation, unlike gratitude, stems from a sense of abundance, trust, and giving yourself everything. The feeling of unconditional love and appreciation resonate on the same frequency. It is being able to look at everything with amazement and accept it as it is. You look with the eyes of the heart: apart from perfection, without the desire to want to change anything, pure appreciation.

Now let’s take a look at our scholarship from appreciation: when you are aware of your potential, believe in yourself, and trust that things will work out, you will vibrate at a completely different frequency. You can rest assured that everything will come to you at the right time. You trust and above all you don’t get in your way with thoughts of scarcity or shortage. There is no stress around financing the studies. One appreciates the flow of money (which is also energy) that is available to make this dream come true.

  • From scarcity, insecurity or shortage, you vibrate on the wave of gratitude.
  • From trust and deep knowledge that everything will be fine, you vibrate on the wave of appreciation.

Practice Appreciation

Appreciation is a skill in which we can grow. The trick is to find some things every day that you feel appreciation for. If you’re not sure how to get started, the following tips can help you out:

What makes appreciation different from gratitude? + an exercise

  • Keep a gratitude journal: write down 3 things every day for which you feel appreciation or gratitude. You can also add why you feel this as an extra. Example: I am so happy with these wool socks, they keep my feet nice and warm.
  • Speak it out! If you see or feel something you appreciate, feel free to say it. When I see a sunrise in the morning, I get spontaneously happy. It fills me with joy. At that moment I express my appreciation like this: oooh, so beautiful! But you can also feel appreciation for someone: I like to know that this person takes good care of me. In a conversation with someone: I love sitting here with you and talking about topics that are close to my heart.
  • Guided Meditation Practice: Many mindfulness apps offer you guided meditation practices. An absolute added value for those who appreciate a helping hand!
  • Listening sessions: immerse yourself in the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. Maybe you know a podcast that talks about this theme. One that I highly recommend is “ A Grateful Day with Brother David Steindl-Rast ”

In short: appreciation is like an ode to life, the love you feel for your life. It helps you to make a shift, it is a lever to a true transformation in the way you think, feel and be.

Finally: you can perfectly use the word gratitude, there is really nothing wrong with that. I still do it regularly. I do, however, pay more attention to the energetic vibration that is active here. You will feel for yourself which word feels right for you.


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