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What Past Life Traumas Teach Us About Our Responsibility Now

It is becoming more and more apparent that our universe is undergoing a major clean-up. Everything that no longer serves us surfaces to be released. So are traumas and patterns from past lives. The parallels of the themes of these lives with the present day are striking.
It makes clear why history repeats itself and how we as a collective have not or barely processed previous traumatic events. It’s wonderful to see how this is still happening. I would like to take you through a number of experiences in my work over the past few months.

The burden of guilt

Jessica carries a huge responsibility for others on her shoulders in this life. As a child, she took on the parental role. Because her father was mentally ill, she already took care of the family at a young age: she regularly went shopping and cooked. In addition, she felt responsible for her younger sister and often took her to school.
As she grew up, this pattern continued. In her work as a manager she often acted from this sense of responsibility, which was greater than she could bear. She took on tasks that belonged to others and eventually had to quit her job due to a chronic illness. In this way her soul forced her to stop and become aware.
During the session it became clear how her sense of responsibility had developed. Her Higher Self brought her to a past life where she was a soldier in World War II. This man was ordered to arrest Jewish people. He accepted this assignment without thinking and rank the bell at the appropriate house.
He was shocked when he saw the people involved. It was a neat family with a father, mother and daughter. Until then, the concept of ‘Jewish people’ was abstract to him, he knew no Jews. Now he realized with a shock that they were people like him. He knew the fate of these people and was consumed with guilt after his act. He turned to alcohol and died at a very young age.
Jessica carried this immense guilt as trauma in her soul. This was the driving force behind her pattern of feeling responsible for everything and everyone.
By letting go of this burden, Jessica also releases a piece of our collective guilt.

The influence of our light

The theme “the role of those in power” is increasingly being discussed in past life sessions. It often concerns women who at the time had healing gifts and were therefore condemned. Or because of women who spoke out, denounced things that were no good.
It invariably turns out that the established order, such as dignitaries and the church, were afraid of losing power and control.
They derived their identity from their position, dress and influence, as was customary in the class society of peasants, serfs, the nobility and the church. They were ignorant of life and uncomfortable with themselves.
In contrast, healers and rebellious women radiated something these men could not experience themselves: love and light. Not being in contact with their own light, they couldn’t place it and the light scared them. The divine light is love and love is truth. Truth cannot be verified.
We don’t have to judge these people, then and now, for this. It is important that we see and understand what is happening. Letting our light shine reveals the truth. And can we heal trauma.
How these traumas from the past hinder us from letting our light shine, you can read in this article

Take responsibility

The patterns that have been repeated for decades are abuse of power, exclusion and conformism. When we ask in sessions about the reasons for terror, the answers are “because it was ordered”, “because I feared the rejection of the group” or “because I feared my superior”.
All these people had little faith in their own strength and light. They were not in connection with their hearts, so they were unable to experience their inner light, their god spark. The less connection with the heart, the less people are able to take responsibility for their actions.
In the session we bring these people, these souls, in energetic contact with their hearts and the light of the universe. If they allow this, it contributes to the healing of the collective.

The role of the masses

The attitude of the ‘ordinary people’, the ordinary citizens, is striking. They visited the healers and seers when they were sick. Even though the villagers didn’t understand exactly what the healers were doing, they appreciated their efforts. This remained so until the moment when those in power (in the role of the church, kings or notables) had their eyes on these healers. Out of fear and lack of responsibility, the villagers usually turned against them too.
This pattern has been repeated many times in history. And now we see that one group of people is being pushed into a corner. In the past, there was little opportunity to process these collective events and traumas. Hence, they now reappear in a different form. Although more subtle, there is no longer a village square where people are pilloried. But because it’s more subtle now, it’s more dangerous.

From trauma to love

As humanity we are increasingly growing to the point that we realize that we have our own responsibility and that it is dangerous to put our fate in the hands of those in power.
We all therefore have the task to take the lessons from the past to heart and to let go of old burdens, also arising in this life.
The more ‘whole’ we become as individuals, the better we are able to distinguish truth from lies. Every step of healing brings us closer to love. Love for ourselves and love for others. In this way we all contribute to a better world with freedom and responsibility.

Do you find yourself carrying a sadness that hinders you from growing further? Perhaps from your childhood?

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