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What Peruvian shamans can teach you about energetic overload

Lately we hear a lot of stories from children, but also adults who have problems with their stomach. They seem to be energetically ‘filling up’ at work or school. This often causes nausea and headaches later on. It can also lead to gagging or even vomiting. We recognize this as energetic overload via the navel. Heavy energy called ‘hucha’ that cannot be digested. You can read how that works in this article.

When the Peruvian shamans who trained me first came to the Netherlands, they noticed a lot. Our country is completely flat and they have a hard time getting used to this because they are used to mountains. We eat liquorice and less chocolate. But there are more strange things about us westerners. The shamans noticed that we walk around with a fully opened navel. This is almost non-existent in their culture.

When we are in our mother’s belly, the navel is our mouth. We eat and drink with it. At birth, the umbilical cord is often clamped and then cut. No special value is assigned to the umbilical cord. In rare cases, the umbilical cord ends in a photo album. But we don’t do more with it.

Ritual to close the navel

It’s so much different with the Peruvians. They see the navel as a connection to the other world. The world of souls. Where we all come from. As babies we have an open connection with that world of souls. When we are born, that connection remains visible as the navel, which they call Cusco. Yes, that’s also the name of that city in Peru. That’s the navel of the world, but that’s another story, maybe one for later.

The eye must be closed

After the birth of a child, the shamans perform rituals to honor the umbilical cord and close the navel. This closes the connection between this world and the world of souls. That way the souls from that other world can no longer bother the baby. In addition, the baby’s energy remains more centered because less of this world is drawn in through the navel.

Energetic overload through the navel in a child

With these new insights we go back to the western world. Let’s take a child of about 11 years old. A boy, called Casper for convenience. Casper goes to primary school and is in a busy class. One of those we already have too much of in the Netherlands. Every afternoon Casper comes home with a tired look. He does not show up at school, the school talks about a label and this causes concern for his parents.

Casper always heard and saw more than other children. Its connection to the world of energy is still intact. Unfortunately, he is increasingly nauseous and has a headache when he has been playing with a classmate. So many headaches that he has to throw up when he gets home. After that vomiting, he clears up and gets better.

Having trouble absorbing information can mean your child is already full

Eventually, his parents get fed up with it and start looking for a solution. They find this solution when someone points them to a Shamanic Healer. This healer tells the parents the above story and points them to the possibility to solve this.

energetic overload via the navel

Energetic overload through the navel in an adult

With these new insights we go back to the western world again. Let’s take an adult about 33 years old. A woman, just called Linda for convenience. Linda has a job as a primary school teacher. Such a school that merged because too few children were born. After the merger, there are more than 30 children in her class. Linda has been home for a week and she no longer wants to go to work. She’s burned out. Completely burned out. Too much has been asked of her. The move from the old school building to the new one has not bothered her.

Linda has always been a sensitive person. She could flawlessly pick up on the feelings of the children in her class and she used that talent successfully. The move made the children more and more gloomy and after the merger, Linda found herself in a class of children that demanded a lot of her attention.

Not being able to set boundaries can be a result of an open belly button

She found herself often nauseous after the many meetings. She then ended up in bed with a migraine. The next day it was fine again. However, it soon filled up again.

Her husband finally had enough and he remembered a story of a shaman from Peru. He had heard on a birthday from someone who had been traveling in Peru. “What was that ritual called again?”

Q’osqo healing is the unloading of the navel

In Inca shamanism, cleansing the navel is a commonly used method. This ritual, in combination with the discharge of the emotions, is recommended if one continues to fill up with hucha. It is a simple session in which the shaman makes a connection with the moment of birth. This connection ensures that a cleaning is started.

All the heavy energy accumulated in the meantime (between birth and now) flows away to Earth. The body is discharged and all patterns that have arisen as a result of that heaviness disappear like snow in the sun. This allows deep birth traumas to be discharged. In addition, the cord that runs from the mother to the child is touched. Mother and child were connected by the umbilical cord. Discharging this area can also affect the mother. This can range between bliss and deep sadness. The mother can also become angry because a lack is experienced. But, in the end, this divorce benefits both of them.

Hucha Rumi is energetic cleaning with stones

After the connection, the Inca shaman gets to work with two stones. These stones are used to detect and discharge blockages in the energetic body. Both on an energetic and physical level. The shock of the body can then be the result. The method with the stones is also called hucha rumi . Hucha from ‘heavy energy’ and Rumi from ‘stones’.

Cellular memory is the result of our tensions on a physical level

The combination of both techniques is called an extended hucha rumi or advanced hucha rumi. You can book these sessions in the Netherlands and abroad with shamans who are trained as pampamesayoq . Sometimes a single session is enough to achieve starting effects. Sometimes several sessions are needed. It depends on how big the trauma is and how much can be discharged at a time.

In summary, just like the sami healing , this is a gem. A method used to effectively tackle the problem of energetic overload and to help children and adults close the open connection with the world of souls. My wish is that the Western world will discover and apply this gem, to ensure that children and adults can close the open connection with the world of souls and prevent them from becoming energetically overloaded.


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