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What the value of the wealth of the elite has to tell us

Everything we identify with is contained in the value of the wealth of the (world) elite and their big capital. It is a metaphor for the financial value of the abundance in the world and the abundance within ourselves. Painfully, projections and thinking from inequalities and contradictions block the passage of fair distribution of all this abundance.

When we recognize and engage with the old and hidden beliefs underlying them, we are able to close the widening gap between rich and poor. And then we can build bridges for new balances in our world.

Imbalance and a sense of justice

The (deep-rooted) beliefs have their imprint in thinking
from inequality instead of from balance. In rejecting
the one and preferring the other, the ‘or’ instead of ‘and’.

This (polarising) effect can be very clearly visible and palpable, but also very subtle. Is there abundance for any part of the world? Is there ‘enough’ for those who have it, the elite and power grabbers, and not for the rest? 

Or would we rather see it the other way around? Do we only have to turn the tables when the balance of power is shifted? Are we going to make the abusers pay for their actions? Or do we understand where they come from and move forward together in equality and as equal parts?

These are (guilt) issues that appeal to a sense of justice that does not mean that an equal distribution of abundance will actually take place. They trigger different undertones of us versus them, elite versus the rest, perpetrator and victim. There is also a division about what has value and what is enough .

Because what is enough for one person may not be enough for another. What one person values ​​may be worthless to another. If something works or resonates for one person, it may not work for another. This applies to both parties, the elite who have plenty for the time being and also the rest who have less or nothing.

If we don’t choose balance, who will?

When we place our hopes of improving our quality of life solely on abundance of financial resources, we overlook our own intrinsic value . This one is that abundance and effortlessness are also within us. From this imagination we can give abundance a different charge and turn.

As human beings, we are the hope for a world in balance in which everyone gets their share of the abundance. Where there is no more you-me, but us. From the power of being one, of connection and wholeness instead of division and exclusion. In this seeing, acknowledging and engaging lies the opening to activate this nature within ourselves.

If we don’t do that, we will continue to feed the imbalance,
which will also play out more and more.

Instead of waiting for help or rescue from outside, in whatever form, we have the power to take into our own hands, and shake off this form of dependence , so that the natural flow can come through.

In addition, it is urgently necessary that we reinforce the potential in each other and start from the good. Because otherwise we give up the trust and warmth of our hearts and thus promote distrust and polarization. That is also what the wealth of the (world) elite and their big capital shows us.

What releases the abundance barrier

What releases the flood barrier within and outside of us is the actual letting go of our personal identification with our thinking, profession, image, status, our own worth and ourselves and also with our bodies. And with all the roles we have assumed. This is not a question of ‘or’, but ‘and’. We are all and not at all.

Since your mind thinks about all this, it helps to build a bridge by inviting your head into your heart. In this way you overcome the need of the head to remain in control and not to want to let go. This is easier when there is enough peace in your head to go with your heart. To this end, it helps to anchor firmly or to keep both feet on the ground, or to seek out nature.

Your mind will also find it difficult to let go of the identification it has with regard to your capacity for the power of oneness, connection and togetherness. It is afraid that it will dissolve or disappear in the whole, and it cannot overlook that this ability is precisely about an individual unique interaction with the rest. It also helps to invite your head into your heart.

Open your hands to receive

The invitation below from Light Flash helps you to activate the highest nature within yourself.

Ask your hands to show you
how open they are to receive.
You cannot receive anything with a fist.
The flow of energy passes you by.

Just do it and let all kinds of topics
pass by. And if you come across a fist,
open your hand. Very conscious.

Subjects that you can pass by are:
Love, Joy, Light, Abundance, money, health,
pleasure, wisdom, appreciation, inspiration, energy, angels,
healing, healing, unity, insight, …, … , …

The question may be: How open am I to…
And then look at your hands, what they’re telling you.
Make it visible to yourself where you stand.
And then consciously open your hands to what you want to receive.

You will be amazed at the effect of this.
You can repeat it over the next few days.
So that you replace old hidden beliefs
with visible supporting beliefs.

Discover the power of your own imagination,
to create your new reality.
Open your hands to that which you wish to receive.

Each of us is free to let it all come to us and wait and see or jump into action for a ‘better life’‘. We can also take the middle path, the balance, and surrender to the flow in which we feel and know ourselves. To see the metaphor of the wealth of the (world) elite and their big business and to deal with what we prefer to reject in this. And thereby bring about real change.


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