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What to do if you want something to change in your life

Time for change

You really want something to change. It doesn’t really matter ‘what’. Let me give some examples: you want to lose 5 kilos because summer is coming again. You want a better job, you want new friends who really suit you, your relationship with your brother isn’t quite right and I could go on and on.

What we usually do is: we start thinking positively about the situation. We visualize our desired outcome. We make an affirmation for ourselves that we then keep repeating for a while. We meditate on what we want to achieve. We write down our desired future.
But does anything actually change? Not really. It is possible that things do happen, for example all kinds of opportunities pass by.

But if you don’t respond or act on it the opportunity is gone, you have invested all this time for nothing to attract changes in your life but nothing has changed, you have not achieved new results, your circumstances are not changed.

What does bring about change?

Doing is the keyword here. Do things differently. With regard to my example ‘losing weight’ you understand that very well. Of course you have to adjust your eating pattern and maybe start exercising more. You’re actually going to do something different than you did. And if you want to make new friends, you go out online or offline to meet new people. You do something. Even now you are doing something different from what you were doing.

But now the example about the bad relationship with your brother. Or your desire for a better job. Contact with your brother is impossible. How does that relationship get better? And you apply stupidly for a better job but you keep getting invited. What now? There is another possibility.

And now the emphasis is on ‘different’. What I mean by that is that you focus your attention on making changes in other areas of life. That applying doesn’t work? Maybe things will change if you let go of that girlfriend you haven’t had a good relationship with for a while.

The earthly reality

If you want to achieve different results, if you want to experience something new than what you have experienced so far or if you want to manifest your deepest desires, it is necessary that you start doing other things. As the saying goes, ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’. This is a cliche and it’s a cliche because it’s true. I cannot say it more clearly than this. For different results, no matter what, you’ll have to do different things than what you’ve been doing until now. This is how our earthly reality

Our soul chooses a certain way

Our souls are programmed to make choices in a way that will produce the results you want. And that is different for every person, to a certain extent. For some this means, for example, that you are attracted to what ‘looks like you’ and make choices based on that and for others the opposite applies, who makes choices based on what is ‘different’ from him/her. yourself.

And another example: one person looks at the outer circumstances and thinks: I can make some changes here and there. While the other can look at the same outer circumstances, but wait until the urge to change something comes from within.

How do I get the results I want now?

I think it’s clear by now that you have to take action if you want to change something in your life. And that you have to take different steps, do different things than what you’ve been doing until now. If this does not yield the desired result, then you adjust, then you make adjustments.

But it may also be that the choices you have made are not in accordance with who you really are on a soul level: what you have chosen for yourself does not allow you to experience your Divine being in your life. It may also be that what you want to experience is not at all what you really want to experience, but you think you want to experience it. And lastly, and I’ve mentioned that many times, there’s no action, you don’t do anything else.

In short, it is a process in which you have to be alert to your real motivations. Your circumstances then accurately reflect whether you are on the right track. If not, please submit. If so, you’ve mastered the process!


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