What to do when your body says ‘no’?

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General practitioner Juriaan specializes in holistic medicine. Regular medicine is and remains the basis of his practice, but it offers the opportunity to look at complaints from a broader perspective. Sometimes you need a different vision with a complaint in which you let go of old thinking patterns. In this article you can read more about what to do when your body says ‘no’.

When your body says ‘no’

Your body works perfectly. It makes you feel what is right for you and what is not. It reacts directly to what is going on in your head and lets you feel its effects. It doesn’t matter to your head whether the thought is true or not. It makes no distinction between reality and fiction. How are you going to feel when you tell yourself every day that you have to get on with your work when you actually want something else? From your conviction, your truth, that there is no other possibility. But how true is that? And what price do you pay for that? Your body has the total picture, while your head has a limited overview. She makes you feel what is really good for you, and what is harmful.

However, we are so trained to use our head. Learned that wisdom is in our heads. That we have gradually lost the connection with the body. Signals from the body such as night sweats, headache, fatigue, abdominal complaints, joint complaints, skin problems, palpitations … (the list is long) are resolutely pushed aside as an obstacle to continue our way. Various proverbs and convictions further reinforce this: “perseverance wins”, “don’t bullshit, but polish”, “continue well, and you will get there”…

Afraid of demanding?

But suppose the body does indeed have so much wisdom that it tells you exactly what is good for you. Could it be that your body is saying “hey, stop, this far and no further”? That where you can no longer say “no” with your head, your body will do it for you? Would it be interesting to ask yourself what this complaint has to say to you? Where in your life are you still saying “yes” when you really should be saying “no” (or vice versa)? And do you choose here out of fear, or out of desire? What would you most like?

Your body as a perfect thermometer

Your body indicates exactly which direction you can go. Your body as a perfect thermometer. But what do we do? We are confronted with a complaint and want to get rid of it as soon as possible in order to be able to continue our path. Not realizing that that is the very path that makes us sick. And we doctors also help with that. We are focused on the complaint, trying to remove it by sticking plasters, injecting, prescribing pills or even inserting pacemakers or performing procedures. And with that we keep a large part of our patients sick, because they simply continue on the path that is actually not good for them.

What does the complaint tell you?

Choosing the other path, namely the path in which you choose what is really good for you, is exciting. Unknown, insecure and confronts you with risks. Risks of losing connections with other persons, as well as with your home, your job and other “materialistic possessions”. This uncertainty is often so great that choosing to take a pill is a simpler solution. Not only for the patient, but also for the doctor. Faster, more effective, more satisfied, less hassle, less time consuming. The head rules. For fear of losing. But gradually we lose a completely different connection here. Namely the connection with ourselves.

I give the people who come to me something different. Not always nice for them to hear, but often there is also a sense of liberation. My mission is to guide them through the difficulties they encounter. Not the fastest and easiest way. But in my opinion the most valuable and healthiest way.


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