What would it be like to step out of your cage and show yourself?


Have you reached the point where you are eager to show yourself as you are? Speak freely and feel free in your behavior. How wonderful it would be to put into the world what presents itself from within: do what your heart tells you and what really makes you happy. BE in your purest form, without hindrances.

This feeling is pressing on more and more people: the cry of the soul . It urges you to grow and flourish, to create and manifest.

Encouraged by your soul, you respond to this. Until you get to a point where you block and stagnate. The trigger is an annoying comment, disapproving looks or the fear of showing you. You withdraw into a figurative cage and go back to your old patterns† You notice that you can temporarily leave your cage, but that you keep ending up in it. How come?

Your inner light

One possible cause lies in contact with others. Perhaps, like me, you are equipped with the ability to sense what is ‘right’. This is not a merit, it is in our package with which we are equipped. It doesn’t make us more than others, just a little bit different. This ability has a function. Letting your light shine contributes to awareness on earth.

Although this light sometimes feels more like a curse than a blessing. Because our light is confronting for others and sometimes even painful. The pain that the other person has hidden deeply becomes palpable to him or her and the other feels in a sense threatened by you. You experience resistance from others .

From childhood

If you recognize the above, you have probably been in the cage or a dark corner from an early age. As a child you experienced rejection and were judged for it if you were open and sincere. If you go back in time in your mind, you can feel the critical looks, the piercing eyes and the subtle disapproval again. Or less subtly: ‘Don’t think that you are more than someone else”.

I myself experienced this at the Catholic gymnasium that I attended, formerly a seminary where the hypocrisy of the faith permeated both the walls and the teachers. My honest and sincere look was regarded with suspicion. This results in a dominant, authoritarian attitude on the part of teachers. I learned early on to lay low and retreated into my cage.

Other causes

Sometimes our cage is a result of other lives. In the past, people were unceremoniously burned at the stake or the noose when they spoke out about injustice. Having gifts also regularly led to death. It is stored in your energetic system that it is dangerous to show these gifts or to name things.  That’s why you don’t reach your potential.
Also, people regularly discover that faith has hindered their growth from childhood. Especially if fear and dogma predominated in religion, this can lead to a reluctance to show up.

Who created the cage?

When we discover this energetic prison, we assume that someone else has placed us in it. But when we investigate this further, it turns out to be a self-made cage.
This cage symbolizes our fear to be ourselves, to speak the truth, to shine.
The discovery that we have abandoned ourselves is even more painful than being abandoned by someone else.
Our cage is a way to maintain control and avoid being rejected.
It is important to let go of this control now. So that we can complete our mission.

Increasing Intensity

In this time of transformation in which we are becoming aware of our creative power, this theme is increasing in intensity. The universe urges us to let go of our fears. The universal energies of the moon and other planets are driving these patterns and bringing them to light loud and clear. You may also experience that difficult contacts have only become more complicated lately, but at the same time you notice a growing need to step out of your cage and live to your greatest potential.
Being aware of this pattern and the underlying theme is an important first step. This will help you get out of your cage.

Function of your light

Also understanding what your light is for makes it easier to show you more to the world. Veerle was given this insight in a session. She was born with a strong sense of justice and unerringly senses whether people are honest. When she notices that people have a double agenda, she goes to war against this and wants to solve it. As a result, she encounters resistance, whereupon she retreats into her cage.

In one session she discovered that it is not her job to solve everything. I felt this gave her a sigh of relief. She got the message that it is especially important to let her light shine. In this way others come to the surface what may be healed. It is up to the other person to take his or her responsibility here. These insights brought her peace. She didn’t have to work so hard anymore, if she let it go. This created space for her own process.

It is precisely in this time of growth and change that we need to let go of our fears and leave our cage. So that we heed the call of our souls and create the life we ​​came to earth for.


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