What you can do to find more peace in a rough period

What you can do to find more peace in a rough period
Our daily lives have changed enormously in a short time. Instead of worrying about the traffic jams on the way to work, whether we can be on time for tonight’s birthday and when is the best time to go to the gym, there is suddenly much more peace on the streets and in the shops than we are used to. The hustle and bustle that used to be around us in life is in many people’s heads. This unrest can have a major impact on our health. So it’s really important to master that turmoil; not just now, but in all periods when you are in your head a lot and relaxation does not seem to come.

Highly sensitive

In times when a lot is asked of you, there is a good chance that you worry, that you worry repeatedly, and that you (unconsciously) put yourself under pressure. It is difficult to let go of what is going on in your head. Anxiety and insecurity arise and keep you from sleeping or worse: they limit you from being who you really are. If you’re highly sensitive, this all feels even more intense. Stimuli come in more intensely than with someone who is not a highly sensitive person and processing them needs just a little more time and effort.

It is precisely in these kinds of intense periods that the trick is to seek out the silence within yourself and to connect with your deepest being. Why? Because there you will find unconditional love and the silence you so need to be healthy and happy. To live life the way you want, without a head full of stressful thoughts and with full attention to what is now.

And you can. We are happy to explain how you do this based on a number of basic principles. Whether and how this has an effect on the restlessness in your head and your body depends on all kinds of factors. But if you really want something, you can do it. Find your motivation in your happiness and health, and read step by step what you can do to find peace and relaxation.

Stop worrying

What you can do to find more peace in a rough period

It sounds easier than it is: stop worrying and not worry. Worrying about something or someone shows empathy, compassion, and empathy and those are very beautiful qualities. And there’s always something you worry about and worry about, and that doesn’t matter. Only when things go so far as to cause you problems, is it time to approach those worries and worrying thoughts in a different way.

Do you suffer from lack of sleep, the tension in your body, or a dominant-negative feeling because of your worry? Then try to let your worries be what they are. Because if you ask yourself whether that constant worrying provides a solution, you know your answer will be ‘no’. So ask yourself what the worrying is getting you right now. A full and restless head? Let go of your thoughts, shake them off and focus on what is going well.

Be kind to yourself

Paying attention to others, and being there for them; are also beautiful qualities that we certainly do not want to ignore. But often people forget to take good care of themselves first. When you focus on yourself, you can listen to what your heart is telling you. And it tells you what you need. Constantly judging yourself because you think you’re not good enough, being too critical of everything you do; all this means that you cannot feel how beautiful and valuable you really are. Therefore, be especially kind to yourself by paying attention to what you want, from your heart. When you can follow your feeling, you will find that it is right.

If your heart tells you that you need rest, then take that rest. Despite counter-arguments, streams of thought and outside pressure: what you need, you tell yourself by focusing your attention on yourself. If you can embrace yourself, with all your good and bad sides, then finding inner peace is easier than you think.

Sleep, but different

What you can do to find more peace in a rough period

One way to get deep relaxation in your entire system is Yoga Nidra. Your body enters a state of sleep, as it were, but your mind is aware and clear.

Find the silence and listen to it

You can often hear more in silence than in a busy environment. And in this silence, you can empty your head wonderfully because there is nothing else than that at that moment. Are you too much in your head and do you want to experience peace and relaxation, then go out? There is a lot to experience in a quiet park or nature reserve if you are there with your full attention.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes and listen to the silence of nature. Without having to think about anything. What do you hear around you now, and how do you feel about it? Trees and shrubs rustling in the wind, twigs creaking on the ground by bugs rooting among them and the song of up to 50 different birds: if you focus on the peace and quiet, you’ll notice many more details.

Connect with your heart again and again

When you connect with your heart, you focus your attention completely on yourself and on the moment. Connecting with your heart means that you will listen and feel who you are, in your deepest essence. And as said, your heart tells you what you need. To make that connection, we give you a short exercise that you can always do. When you feel restless, when you are (too) much in your head, or when you need silence. You can do the exercise sitting, lying or standing. Choose a place in your house or outside where you will not be disturbed by your surroundings:

What you can do to find more peace in a rough period

Place both hands together at the height of your heart. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus your attention completely on your hands. Imagine a warm current flowing through your hands into your heart.

Then go with your attention to your heart and guide the warm flow into your whole body with your attention. Try to feel the flow of heat through your body and fill your mind with it. Imagine that there is only room for that warm, loving flow. Keep doing this until you feel calm and relaxed. Hold this feeling and slowly open your eyes again.

There are many more methods and ways to ensure that you can find peace. Attention to yourself, in the here and now is always the basis. Because if you can’t pay attention to who you are and what your needs are, finding inner peace is an impossible task. And we all need that rest so much in these fierce and uncertain times. So give yourself time and attention and trust your heart. Then that peace comes naturally.



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