What you can do today for a better night’s sleep

What you can do today for a better night's sleep

Many people suffer from poor sleep. Of course, the ‘blue light’ that your telephone and television emit plays a major role in this, but there are also other factors that can disrupt your sleep: the restlessness in your bedroom or the grinding of your thoughts. Here are four practical tips that will help you (and that are really applicable!) to be able to sleep well tonight.

Feng Shui: Do You Have Room to Sleep?

Your bedroom is the space to relax your body and mind. Your place of tranquility, safety, and comfort. The room is seen as a metaphor for turning inward and connecting with yourself and meeting your partner. Therefore, make sure that there are not too many distractions in your bedroom. This means, for example, no television and telephones, no stuff under your bed, and not too much behind or next to your headboard. Is there a way to get something out of your bedroom to give you a little more ‘room’ to sleep?

Grandmother’s recipe

Probably many grandmothers’ remedy for trouble falling asleep: warm milk with aniseed. When I used to have trouble falling asleep, my mother always made me warm milk with anise. Maybe a well-known tip, but try it again. It makes you calm and relaxed.

You can buy anise sticks in any supermarket. Let it steep for 10 minutes in hot milk and you are ready for the soothing. Earlier we shared this calming drink recipe:  Warm CBD Lavender Chocolate Milk. Might also be interesting to try?

How could it be otherwise: The Inspiring Life Night Book

What you can do today for a better night's sleep

Write your thoughts to me! Last night, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. My head was still full of thoughts: that one e-mail I still have to send, that girlfriend I still have to call to meet up, the guilt about the dishes that are still in the kitchen. You probably recognize it.

To stop the grinding, I grabbed my Inspirational Life Night Book and started writing off myself. A must for everyone: write the thoughts that are of no use to you. You don’t have to read this page again, but that way the thoughts that are of no use will disappear from your head. Write things that still need to be done on your to-do list. This way you don’t forget these, but you can let them go for the night.  

(Oh, and if you still can’t sleep, there are plenty of tips and tricks to at least clear your mind.)

Essential oils

There are many different essential oils that can help you sleep better. One commonly used is lavender oil. The scent of lavender has a relaxing effect, which can help you fall asleep peacefully. Lemon oil is also widely used: it helps you sleep well.

You can drip a very small amount on your pillow, or you can rub the oil on your neck, wrists and under your feet. Make sure you don’t use too much oil, this can actually have the opposite effect. When dripping on your pillow, do not use more than one drop.

You can also make a wonderful foot bath with lavender oil.



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