What you can learn from horses: the meaning of standing still

What you can learn from horses: the meaning of standing still
Standstill. It seems impossible or allowed in a world that goes on and on. If we stand still, it confuses us. What is my goal? What am I doing here? What do I want to focus on?

Literally standing still

It is a topic that regularly comes up in my horse coaching sessions. It often turns out that this downtime has a valuable message. A personal message. The horse clearly shows this and then literally stands still and is unable to get moving. Only when you accept the standstill can the horse start moving again. So silence does make sense. It has its own function and is, as it were, an end in itself.

The meaning of standing still

The stillness creates time and space to turn inward. It helps us to get to a deeper core of our questions, our obstacles, and our hindrances. Where the real key to change lies. Below I give three practical examples of valuable messages that were hidden behind standstill.

Example 1: room for sadness

One shows that there is sadness underneath. A sadness that is out of the picture, is not looked at. By letting that sadness flow, there is movement again. And while grief is generally not something you actively seek out, if it’s allowed to flow, it’s a huge relief. There is room for new emotions and developments.

Example 2: resistance to change

Or the standstill is actually a way to stop change. Because change also means saying goodbye to what has been built up. In that case, consciously saying goodbye to the old familiar and thus opening the door to the new can be enormously liberatingResistance disappears and gives way to action.

Example 3: harbinger of the new

What you can learn from horses: the meaning of standing still

Stillness can also be an inward-looking period. A time in which the seeds are fed that will soon germinate. It’s like brooding on an egg. So a lot is happening, only this is not (yet) visible! This insight can give you peace of mind. Resignation even. In that case, a standstill is not an enemy, but a good friend.

Accept downtime

By accepting the standstill, space is created to look at the message that lies behind it. Just sit next to it and watch it, question it. What happens if you fall silent? What stories or feelings come up then? What do you see yourself doing and not doing? What is the common thread in this? Take your time to question the standstill. The trick is not to want to take action right away. Doing something is not necessarily necessary to get moving.



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