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What’s stopping you from doing what you really want to do?

In my sessions I speak to many people who say ‘I don’t know what I want!’.

If we look a little deeper, it appears in most cases that they do know what they want, but that something prevents them from acknowledging it and actually taking action to put their wish into the world.

This often concerns wishes such as:
– starting your own coaching or healing practice
– looking for a new job
– working together with a certain person
– moving
– whatever!

Beliefs, fears and doubts that can hold you back

Very often we have certain inner beliefs that keep us from doing what we really want to do. And if you keep listening to that, nothing will happen.

As an example I take someone who would like to start a coaching practice. In such a situation you can run into all kinds of inner patterns.

For example:
– I am too young (or too old)
– I am not certified or not well enough educated
– who am I to do this?
– others can do it better than me
– I must first…. be or do before I can help others

Actually, these are all different forms of the conviction: ‘I am not good enough.’ And they can get in the way unnoticed and stop you from doing what you want (and can!) do.

In addition, fears may arise (especially among sensitive people), for example:
– fear of speaking your truth
– fear of criticism & rejection
– fear of the unknown

Reality check

The point is that we all have or have had those kinds of beliefs, in one form or another.

In some cases there is actually something you have to do before you can start (if you want to become an acupuncturist you really have to finish the training first) but in many cases we hold ourselves back unnecessarily because we doubt ourselves and our qualities.

Everyone is unique and because of all his experiences (in this life and previous lives) has a unique view on things, a unique wisdom and a unique way in which you articulate and interpret it. That alone makes what you know and can do of value.What's stopping you from doing what you really want

What do I want?

I invite you to check for yourself:

What do I really want?

And what’s stopping me from doing that?

Sometimes it’s a matter of timing and things that have yet to fall into place. Other times, it’s a matter of facing and working with your own excuses, doubts, and fears.

How do you do that, work with your doubts and fears?

Love the fear and do it anyway

It is never the case that I just want to push away doubt or fear or condemn it. On the contrary: when you can acknowledge, love and give space to your fears and doubts, then you can integrate them. Then they can be a part of you without directing your direction.

The image I often get is the image of a car. It’s your car and you should be behind the wheel. But often our doubts and fears are behind the wheel and determine where we will or will not go. If you consciously work with your doubts and fears, they can ride in the back seat (you don’t have to throw them out of the car ;-)) and you can get behind the wheel again and determine your direction.

I often do this in 1 on 1 sessions, but you can also get started yourself, for example with this inner child meditation (where the inner child in the meditation represents your doubt or fear):

And then you come to the point where the following applies: feel the fear and do it anyway! Show yourself what is possible.

I wish you every success in bringing your wishes into the world!

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open-your-intuitionI assume that intuition is something very natural. It is present in you and not something you can ‘pick up’ somewhere. It is your connection to who you really are.

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