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What’s Wrong With ‘Being Spiritual’. This is how you recognize if you fall for this New Age trap


Being spiritual has become trendy. Many people get caught up in the right look/attitude without being willing to do the true, honest inner work it takes to grow.

It seems to be everywhere these days – people wearing crystals, with mandalas tattoos, dreadlocks, bright colors, patterns and often with a trail of palo santo smoke lingering behind them. You might look at these people and think, ‘Wow, people are really waking up, that’s great to see.’ But while there are indeed more and more people worldwide becoming aware, many of these people don’t go beyond the look.

It has become trendy to be spiritual, but that really has nothing to do with how a spiritual person really is. They only carewhether they can dress like that, go to workshops and say the right things. People seem to be piggybacking on the spiritual hype and have inflated egos (myself included, in the past), due to skipping months or years of spiritual practice. Most have never taken responsibility for their actions and are not doing the work necessary for true spiritual freedom.

The term ” spiritual bypass ” was coined in the 1980s by psychologist John Welwood and refers to the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid uncomfortable feelings, unresolved wounds, and basic emotional and psychological needs.

As I mentioned, I’ve certainly gotten caught up in the hype myself and what I call ‘spiritual fuzz’ these days – that’s when you see ‘conscious, spiritual person’ as your identity. Therefore, I bear no judgment whatsoever on the people who still fill that role. Everyone has their own path to their awakening, and perhaps they stumble upon something, or something else, that triggers deep reflection, and leads to their true awakening and loss of identity.

You don’t need an identity to be a spiritual person

True spirituality needs no labels and cannot be easily defined with words. How a person dresses, behaves or can even express some form of psychic powers DOES NOT indicate how far a person has developed or how much inner work they have really done. There is a lot of manipulation in this area; not always on purpose, but because it’s one thing to know intellectually about spiritual concepts and, what I can share from my own experience, it’s quite another to live that knowledge and embody that wisdom .

Here’s a list of some common misconceptions about what a “spiritual person” should do:

  • wearing bright colors
  • Not wearing a bra
  • Don’t wear makeup
  • Give everyone they meet a hug, even if they don’t feel called to it
  • Always be happy and smiling
  • Attend multiple spiritual workshops
  • Quotes From New Age Books
  • Meditate every day
  • Love Yoga
  • being vegan
  • no alcohol drink
  • Going to music and art festivals regularly
  • Wearing crystals, talking about crystals, being crystallized
  • Practicing Reiki
  • Reading Tarot or Oracle Cards
  • Have psychic powers
  • Using specific language, including multiples of the words “love” and “light”
  • never get angry
  • Claiming to be ‘ Woke As Fuck ‘

JP Sears has made a ton of fantastic satirical videos about what it means to be spiritual. The video below, ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual’ is one such video:

The list goes on, but I just want to make it clear that you don’t have to participate in any of the above, and that doesn’t make you Uspiritual. The point I want to make is that these are not prerequisites for becoming a conscious person on a path to self-discovery and personal freedom. At the same time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying these kinds of things and using these resources in your spiritual practice.

I use them a lot myself and enjoy beautiful things like crystals, bright colors etc. But I now know that these things don’t define who I am as a person – unless I choose to identify myself with them. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to take a step back and laugh at ourselves, because nothing is as serious as we often make it ourselves., mandalas

Just think of a monk and whether you can see him as a connected and conscious individual.

Why am I calling this a problem?

‘Only good vibes’, ‘Only think happy thoughts’, ‘Just focus on the positive’… At first glance they all seem like nice sentiments, what’s wrong with being happy? To be honest, nothing at all. But by ignoring the sad, negative, uncomfortable and, in fact, shadow aspects of ourselves, we continue to wear a mask and become further and further removed from true knowledge about ourselves.

And if we don’t know ourselves, we can’t take responsibility for our lives, our past, and ourselves and go deeper into the knowledge of who and what we are—the process that leads to a true, real, deep, and meaningful spiritual awakening.

Our ego can be quite complicated; it can mislead us into believing that we are on the right path to freedom, when in reality we are digging an ever deeper hole for ourselves. But it’s important to report that this is also okay, because if this happens to us on our journey then it all happens for a reason and we will either have to confront ourselves eventually, or we will continue to play the same role, living behind a mask in our daily life.

The “New (C)age Agenda”

I believe that the rise in popularity of the ‘spiritual fuzz’, ie all spiritual practices or concepts without depth, is part of what Bernhard Guenther calls the “ New (C)age Agenda ”.

“The subject of beings from higher dimensions reincarnated for a reason, to help humanity, is a fairly popular notion within the New Age movement. There are countless people today who call themselves ‘ Starseeds ‘ or ‘Lightworkers’ from planet this or that way. However, some of them seem to use this identification to increase their ego and self-esteem, to overestimate their level of Being and Consciousness, to appear ‘special’ and ‘mysterious’, by disguising themselves in fluffy talk about Love and Light. Especially now that it’s hip to be ‘spiritual’,


many self-proclaimed dress proclaimed lightworkers dressthemselves as such and give themselves genteel spiritual names, which would reflect their higher state of consciousness, so that they can claim to be awakened. It’s easy to identify with such an idea, but does one’s life actually reflect it? Does anyone REALLY know what it means to be a lightworker and what that entails? Or is it just the next label one uses to look good and feel better? There is a lot of distortion and people tend to project their own filtered vision onto it. As with everything today, here too the truth is mixed with lies.”

Be honest with yourself & find out what your truth is

There is SO MUCH information available today, and much of that information is benefiting from the new trend of ‘pop spirituality’. Now, more than ever before, we need to use our discernment to decide what’s really right for us, rather than just go along with the next popular thing. Not everyone has good intentions and there are many New Age gurus today who are really just exploiting the conscious movement. Never forget that everything you need can come from within you, as long as you turn your attention inward and listen.

It sounds very cliché, but… Just be YOURSELF

I understand that by defining what does not make you a spiritual person, I may have triggered some of you because you participate in those activities yourself. Well, me too, but not because I feel I have to. What are things you REALLY enjoy, who are you really? You may not know that yet, and all the time you spend trying different activities will eventually bring you closer to yourself.

What does it really mean to be a spiritual person?

That’s pretty simple, actually.

Be nice to yourself and to others, or at least learn how to do it.
Be thankful for what you have.
Being of service to the world.
A desire to awaken to your true, limitless nature, full of infinite possibilities.


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