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Dear Jennifer:  I’ve been a healer for so long, even before I knew what the word meant. As the one who held the light high for my soul group, I’m always there to help them, but whenever I try to stop that and step out of this role, they always seem to pull me back in.

Someone has a problem, gets sick, needs help, has an accident or crisis, there seems to be no end to it, even with my children. I am ready to live my own life now, without being so responsible for them. When will it be up to me to be helped and supported, to be freed from this burden and live my own life?

Jennifer’s answer:  Congratulations for reaching this point in your development. Now you just have to choose which path to take, without feeling guilty or ashamed of your choice.

Your desire to hold up the light for your soul group is beautiful and admirable, but they really can do their job without your help (even though it’s easier for them to call on your energy), and you don’t need their permission not to let them go, you must give yourself permission to be freed from this burden.

There are two things that can make this process easier, one is starting to focus on the outcome you want to achieve in your new role as a healed and whole human being.

There may be things that you put off in your life that you didn’t have the time, money, or energy to do, or that you put aside when someone was having trouble. Bringing those things back to the fore will remind you of the way you want to get started in your new role.

The other way to make the process of getting your energy out of this soul group easier is to recognize that everyone is powerful and sovereign in their own lives. Even though they love to use your energy and have it at their disposal, they don’t really need it, and they use your energy as an excuse not to use their own energy.

Everyone has the same amount of energy and strength, there are no ‘powerless’ people or people who lack energy, there are just people who do not use their own strength and/or energy wisely or effectively.

What you really want in this situation is for them to show you that they are ready to let you go, that they can function well without your help and that they will not go astray without you. You also want their permission to go, in a way that releases you from all responsibility should they fall back into old patterns of behavior.

But that’s something you have no control over. As long as you hold up an artificial vibration for them, they have no reason to use their own energy. Once they are forced to explore how to expand their own energy, instead of using your energy all the time, they will learn.1 - dream world

And you will have done the work that you had to do, showing them their potential and taking them to those new levels, instead of putting your energy in front of them and then waiting for them to integrate it until it’s completely done. . This was never part of your soul group’s healing contract, even though you have taken it upon yourself.

In order to live your life and be free, you must free yourself from the fear that you will not fulfill your soul contract with this soul group, that you are not responsible if you do not help their healing process, and that you are not doing your job when you are in joy and enjoying your life while others still need healing.

You are ready for this, because your work is starting to become a burden, and you are the only one who can give yourself a ‘turning point’, and be happy and joyful.

So let yourself go, free yourself and live your life.


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