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When Your Child Considers Suicide

One of the previous articles I wrote about Indigo Children dealt with the theme of ‘suicide’ because it is a powerful and painful subject that stamps this generation. (you can find the article about suicide here )

My personal experience is that while my child didn’t actually kill himself, I do know that it was something he was considering.
I lived every day wondering if this would be the day I came home and couldn’t find him again.
This was a constant threat for 3 years.
Although it didn’t happen, I knew that my child was somewhere I couldn’t reach and that I was powerless to convince him that he had a lot to live for.
I had to watch on the sidelines and wait for him to make the decision to stay.

if your child is considering suicide

Having a child contemplating suicide is the greatest pain parents can have.
My son later confided in me that ‘I’ was the reason for him not to take that decisive step.
I was very involved with this result and was sure that he could find a way to be comfortable in his life.
I was there for him as much as I could.
I have always been able to maintain strong ties of communication with my children since they were born.
Communication is so important with indigo children, even if they don’t seem to be listening, they do and even then it can take a while to get a response.

What can you do to guide yourself and them through this crisis?
I had to be at peace with my son’s choices, even if my heart would break if I lost my son. I got to a point where I did everything I could to talk to him.
It didn’t matter how much I would love him.
He had to learn to love himself, and in that love make his choices and not be guided by choices based on fear, doubts and feelings of unworthiness.

I hear a lot from parents who struggle with this.
Some wrote to me that their child has passed away and that this story has helped them cope with their pain. Others have a difficult child that they can do nothing for.
It is their fear that every day is the last day for their child.
Still others have found themselves in a position where the struggle has just begun.
No matter how you are there for your children, you have decided to bring them into the world and be a parent who loves them with everything that is inside of you.

Whatever your child chooses, it is not a mirror of you.
It’s their choice, they make the decision to stay or go based on what they need.
You can be alert to the fact that suicide is a topic that affects many Indigo children, whether or not they do it.
They have to choose for themselves whether to stay, because it is their own concern.

There is no quick way, easy way out, shortcut or total solution to this situation.
It’s heartbreaking, scary and frustrating.
All you can do is show your children that you love them and find within yourself the strength to move on from day to day.
Know that you did the best you could with this.


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