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Where are my angels and guides when I need them?

Where are my angels and guides?

Dear Jennifer:  I have asked advice from my angels and guides and it feels like they never answer me. It’s not fair that I don’t feel supported because I thought they were here to help me and are supposed to offer me guidance if I need it. What can I do to get clearer and more consistent answers from them, and are there actually angels and guides to help me? Where are my angels and guides?

Jennifer’s Answer:  Getting answers from your guides and angels depends on the kinds of questions you ask, how you ask them, and how you listen yourself.

They can support and guide you, but not when you ask out of fear, out of your belief in separation, or primarily out of your anger at yourself for starting this journey. When we are in fear, our angels are close to us, but they cannot connect with us. When we ask and ask and don’t stop asking, we are not calm enough to hear their answers.

If we forget that they resonate on the level of joy and that we must be open to new solutions and transformations , then we are not at a level where they can connect with us. They can help you find a new way if you open that door for them.

Angels and guides are our support team, and their presence is always a part of our journey, but only when we remember that we are all one, that we are all connected and that we are never separate from Source.

When we stray from our path of our own light, thinking that we don’t have all the resources available to create everything we desire and to overcome all obstacles, we block our access to all spiritual guidance, even our own. own personal support team.Communicating with your Angels and Guides

How do you ask for help? Are you asking them to rescue you, to tell you what to do for you, to take you home, or to take care of your problems? Those are all things they can’t do for you.

As spiritual beings, they cannot cross the 3D barrier, but they can enter your energetic space when you open the door for them, letting go of your fears, and opening yourself to enlightenment.

Questions they can answer include: ‘Show me what I can’t see in this situation?’, or ‘Help me see where I’m limiting my connection or understanding’. Then you will get an answer. You also need to get to the point where you stop talking, and the information comes to you. As Archangel Uriel often told me, “We heard you that first time.”

I knew the journey here can be very lonely , but we are really never alone, as our consciousness is open to our multi-dimensional connections.

The density we live in can be oppressive when we focus on that density. But she is always a solution that we can create together with the Universe, with our angels and guides, as long as we remain aware of our connection.

Sometimes the anger you feel towards angels and guides is anger at yourself because you feel so powerless, because you are not achieving your dreams, because you are afraid, and because you are not moving fast enough on your journey.

What do you need to learn on this journey so that you can use your divine guidance more efficiently? If you don’t get answers to your questions, ask other questions. And then stop asking questions, answers come in the stillness and tranquility of the peace of your heart, not in the busy, anxious bustle of the mind.

In your own silence, which you can only reach if you are not afraid, you will get the answers you need, and then when you are able to know how to connect with your guides and angels , the answers will come to you. questions are always available for you.


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