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Where do you get the meaning of your life?

Why are you here? What makes you also experience all kinds of things here on earth day in, day out? Like it or not, you wake up every morning and you’re alive. What are you supposed to do with that? And most importantly, what are you doing it for?

You can approach the question of meaning from two levels. There is an answer that comes from the ego and there is an answer that you discover from the soul layer.

Meaning from your Ego

The answer you can discover from the ego plane is temporary. In your life you will always formulate different answers to this, depending on the phase you are in. Perhaps it feels to you that your children are giving meaning to life, the book you are writing or that new job. For a moment you think you have found it all, but after a while you notice that you are looking further.

Because you experience this goal from the ego layer, it will never be quite ‘good’. The answer will never give you complete fulfillment simply because it is not possible at the level of the ego .

Meaning of your soul

Do you know what the meaning of your life is?The purpose of your life is to awaken from the soul. You may wake up from the dream that you are only human. The invitation is to connect with that part of you that is divine and start living more and more from there. In that divine (or soul) layer you are Love and full of joy. Are you (far) Light. You just need to connect with it and remember that this is your true nature.

The ego may become subservient to the soul . And you may become more and more aware in life. Where are you with your attention, what do you say, what do you think and do? In daily life you soon unconsciously coincide with your thinking and feeling and your actions flow from that.
By waking up, you get a completely different view of yourself and life. Being present consciously, experiencing life with full awareness, that’s what it’s about. You become more and more alert, aware and often quieter. Many thoughts, certain words you speak or actions will fall away when you see their banality, negativity or meaninglessness.

Every life experience matters

Thanks to the earthly journey that you make every day right through duality, the divine is fed with experiences. It gets to know heat, cold, pain and happiness. Without these life experiences, happiness would not be felt. It can only be felt when the opposite is also experienced. If you’ve never experienced cold, you wouldn’t be able to sigh with pleasure ‘Oh, it’s nice and warm in here!’.

Your deepest inner Being is complete, perfect and whole. Because you have experienced, thanks to your ego, that you are ‘not good enough’, you can now also experience what it is like to be perfect when you are in contact with your soul. Every life experience is therefore valuable. the good and the bad; after all, thanks to the bad experiences you can also recognize the good ones. Thus there is no judgment from the soul whether something is bad or good. Something is simply what it is. It’s all very useful material to develop.

The path of enthusiasm

In order to experience meaning at the level of the ego, it is important that you discover your passion. What makes you happy? What do you like to read, what do you like to think about and talk about a lot? When does your heart leap with joy? They are all signals for which path to take. And of course the ego has all sorts of practical and oh-so-valid objections, but go easy on them. Follow the path your heart shows you.

This does not always mean that you have to do your work there right away. Sometimes being able to enjoy something next to your work without any worries is just as important. Also include your work in your walk along the path of enthusiasm. Ask yourself: what makes me happy in my current job?Or: what can I put joy in? See which activities fulfill you and make sure you expand on them.

Ego and soul are both important

Experiencing meaning from ego and soul are not separate from each other, but need each other. Thanks to the meaning the ego gives to life, the soul can feed on experiences. Thanks to the meaning that the soul gives to life, the ego can relax more and more deeply and enjoy its earthly journey more.

The ego begins to experience more and more that surrender and trust are an intrinsic part of it. If there is a lot of Doing from the ego and a Being from the soul, they meet on earth. Doing and Being are, after all, both part of the earthly reality. So don’t emphasize one at the expense of the other.

A wink from your soul

The ego likes to make all questions about meaning very serious and heavy. It can turn it into a real drama. It is like a play in which the protagonist drops to his knees in despair and cries out to heaven with raised arms: ‘Why, but why all this suffering?’ The soul smiles at this scene. She prefers play to drama. The divine in you encourages you: discover, experience, be curious and marvel!

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