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Which energy suits you. Indigo or Crystal?

I am so happy that the Indigo Crystal descriptions/characteristics are available on the website (these are here at – red)

They are useful to you if you are wondering what kind of energy you have, Indigo or Crystal or both. Many of you have written to me to say how calm you feel in understanding why you have felt so different, misplaced, and ill at ease for most of your life.

With this new understanding come opportunities to look at your life and yourself in a new and different way, but please don’t focus too much on the labels and on figuring out exactly what brings your energy. Use this information to find a new direction for your gifts, skills and energy.energetic person

If you think you are an Indigo or a Crystal, you are probably one. How much of any energy (indigo or crystal) or what you are is less important than finally understanding your life and why you felt this way. The next step is to do something with the information.

It’s tempting, once you have the explanation, to try to figure out exactly your whole life and all your choices based on the energy or energies you carry, but that’s not the point. The real point is to remind you that you are part of a generation that has come into the world to do something big, something special and help set a new course for the Earth and humanity.

Each of you plays an important role in that process and you all have special gifts in many different areas. While knowing if your energy is Indigo and Crystal can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, it doesn’t determine what you are capable of or how well you will do.

These labels/labels simply explain or define the different energies. What is important to know about them is that they are here, because the Earth is ready for the transformation and whatever energy you have is contributing to that process. That’s why you’re here as a pioneer, at the forefront of this great time.

Use the information you have about your energy to give yourself a sense of peace and understanding for yourself, to help lead you in the direction you need to go, but don’t let it limit you into thinking you’re should not have certain gifts or skills because they are not on the list .

Remember that many of us who are mature Indigos and Crystals have both energies to a greater or lesser degree because we had to introduce as many energies as possible. What energy you have is good for you and for what you came here to do. Use the information as a small stepping stone to a much larger reality. The one that we all work together to create for ourselves, the Earth and humanity, as well as for future generations of new energies on Earth.


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