Who is in your energy field? (Do you really want that one there?)

Who is in your energy field? (Do you really want that one there?)
Empaths naturally have a very open energy field, a big heart, and a desire to help others. Empaths can become wonderful therapists, healers, energy workers, or coaches. They can often be difficult or unable to set boundaries if they are not well aware of their energy field. This means that their energy field is not closed properly or at all.

As a result, they just let people into their energy field (and even their physical environment). This article explains how to find out who is in your energy field.

Empaths are seven energy

Who is in your energy field? (Do you really want that one there?)

There are several reasons for this. This may be because empaths are naturally kind, helpful, compassionate, and thoughtful. But it could also be because empaths are so dependent, relying on the image others have of them, or have no idea how to say no. In any case, it is not strange for empaths to carry everyone they know in their energy field.

Several times I’ve shown clients the door right after they walked into my office, telling them to let everyone else out with them. Sometimes I gave them a few crystals to have a physical image of the people they left behind.

One client once told me, “I was a little taken aback when Stephanie sent me away again. I had no idea I was carrying so many people with me. As soon as I left them outside I felt disoriented and lonely because I suddenly had so much space in my energy field. I didn’t know what to do. I realized then how much I let myself be influenced by others.’

Empaths quickly become unable to tell the difference between themselves and others because they feel so involved with others and take over their energy, beliefs, values, emotions, habits, and more. If you learn how to keep people separate from your personal environment, you will get breathing space for yourself and your life force and you can make better use of your own voice and truth.

There is more

You should not only ask yourself who is in your energy field but also what. Besides people, you can also carry problems, health problems, pets, decisions, unforgivable things, things that should be, old belief systems, and much more. No wonder empaths can feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic!

You soon feel numb and after a while, you are not so aware of all the baggage you have collected.

You adjust to it and you don’t realize how stuck you are and how confused and tired you are. Note: Once you become aware of the strange energy in your field, you can no longer ignore it. But that is of course important if you want to develop your consciousness!

I have developed a way that you can use as often as you like to become aware of who and what is in your energy field. It’s a great exercise to figure out exactly how much you’re carrying.

Check your energy field regularly

Who is in your energy field? (Do you really want that one there?)

If only it were possible to do this once and then be done with it, but unfortunately you will have to keep an eye on your energy field and boundaries on a daily basis and for the rest of your life. It is an important habit that you must adopt. An exercise that only takes a few minutes and I recommend doing it several times a day, especially before going to bed.

You can pay attention to several things during such an exercise: your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic condition, but also your limits and who or what is in your energy field and has a negative effect on you. You can start with something small until you get used to the exercise. As you get into the habit, your body will gradually give you feedback and you can perform the exercise faster and faster.

The purpose of the exercise is to see the things you are struggling with and then make the necessary adjustments, including clearing your energy field. There are several ways you can do that, but the most important thing is that you are motivated enough. Whatever things you’ve spotted in your energy field that don’t belong there, make sure you put them out lovingly but firmly.

In addition to your motivation, your breathing is also a powerful tool, since it serves as a kind of reset button for the energy in your body. I regularly use my breath to move energy and if I’m motivated enough, it doesn’t take long. I do recommend that you really take the time every now and then for this exercise and to clear your energy field. Take a good look at the exercise at the end of the article and see what an impact it has on you!

Practice Makes Progress

Who is in your energy field? (Do you really want that one there?)

It is normal for empaths to feel so involved with others. It is, therefore, more difficult for them to keep focusing on themselves. By maintaining your energy field, setting boundaries, and keeping your energy healthy every day, through exercise, you can stay grounded and authentic and always see the difference between what is yours and what is not. Wherever you are in your stage of development, it is important to hold on to yourself by making conscious choices about who and what you allow into your energy field.

Exercise: Who is in your energy field?

Preparation: Stand in a circle with a diameter of about 1 meter. You can use a piece of rope, a hula hoop, crystals, or several scarves. The idea is to create a visual boundary. You will also need post-its and a pen.

Write down what comes to mind in the following categories. One thing per post-it. Then place the post-it in your circle.

  • Any person in your energy field: family members, friends, colleagues, and so on;
  • animals/pets;
  • Decisions/problems about which you are in doubt;
  • health care services;
  • Stressors (doesn’t matter if they are one-time or not);
  • Things you feel responsible for;
  • People you have not forgiven;
  • Things that should and should not be;
  • desires;
  • Things you regret;
  • Another category you can think of.

Stare at all your post-its and take the time to let them sink in. What reaction do you notice in your body?

Write down your thoughts on everything you have written and ask yourself the following:

Finally, remove all post-its with people and things on them that you no longer want to carry in your energy field. Pay close attention to how you feel after doing this.


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