Why are you here on Earth?

Why are you here on Earth?
Perhaps the most important question for all of us; Why are we here on Earth? Or rather,  Why are you here on Earth?  Do you have any idea? A question that is central to life for many of us, but which is often not considered. Logical of course, we are all ‘busy’ with living our own lives. To be busy with the ‘why’ every day now quickly falls short. Still, if you are aware of your task here on earth on a daily basis, it probably gives you more direction in your life. And being more focused leads to less stress! 

What do you live for?

Let’s see what makes your heart beat faster.

What are you really taking action for now?

Is that taking care of your children, going to work with gratitude every day, or improving the world by contributing to a better environment!? It can of course be anything. What matters is what gets you out of bed in the morning? Or which nice thoughts and feelings don’t make you fall asleep at night because you are brimming with energy? I recognize this all too well. Before going to sleep, I often have many ideas for Brilliant Life. Because of this, I am often overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. This can give me a boost of energy that makes me not want to sleep at all (but often I’m too tired to let it go).

Your unique talents

To return to the question “What are you really taking action for?” Try to imagine what it is like when you live from your unique values ​​and talents.

What qualities do you miss out on?

We often hide out of fear. “ Because yes, maybe I’ll notice ” or “ they will think”! Well, we all think and we will continue to do so. But isn’t it a shame if you keep hiding your unique talent from the outside world? Believe me, you came here on Earth for a reason. You will discover that reason more and more. And isn’t it great that we are all different? That at the same time we can join forces to form a bigger whole!?

Being born

Why are you here on Earth?

Now, of course, it is difficult for me to write this article, if I myself do not know what my purpose is here on earth. As you may have read in my other articles, I would like to make the world sparkle more. I want to inspire and motivate others, through my search for life in connection (with yourself and with each other) and from life force. I got the chance to do something with this. As you can read in  Life thanks to medicine, I often lack vitality. Just like the ability to steer my body the way I want to (luckily there are drugs for that). What is not missing is LIFETIME!

For me, the power to live is getting stronger and stronger. I am starting to experience that I can handle more and more from here. Even though the basis of my disability was already there before birth, I did not suffer from this during the first years of my life. I was the cheerful girl, with dancing curls, who so desperately wanted to take care of her sisters and drew a lot. For a large part of my life, I have not experienced her qualities as I do now. Wonderful, to experience the inner/beautiful child again!

I strongly believe that my disease was present from the embryonic stage for a reason. I have taken it with me in this life and I can do something with it. Namely,  sailing my own courseYears ago I read the book  Conception, Birth, and Life  by Jaap Hiddinga. This has opened my eyes. Before birth, every person makes a choice for his or her life. The essence of your existence is already present when you only consist of a few cells!


Why are you here on Earth?

I now have a mission in this world and it was already there when I was young. In other words, we are all born with it! Good, isn’t it, at least you didn’t come to this world without a reason. When you make more contact with your feelings, the more you will experience what your purpose is in this life! All you have to do then is trust. Trust that you are being guided. And that gives a lot of power! You begin to experience that everything you do is satisfying. Isn’t it wonderful when you live from the essence of your existence? Only you know deep inside, what your purpose is here on earth! †

“Do what you have to do  and the power will follow” RW Emerson

Are you living the life you want to lead? What still stands in your way and what can you let go of? I’d like to read it back below.


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