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Why being authentic contributes to a nice and healthy life

The importance of being authentic

What I have experienced in my own process and in guiding my clients is that one of the most important aspects for your happiness in life, for abundance in your life and for good health, is daring and being allowed to be yourself completely. ie to be authentic. Being authentic means that you dare to be yourself in everything and that you dare to show yourself with what is really there. That you express your feelings and indicate what you need and what your needs are.

That when someone crosses your boundaries, that you signal it instead of letting it happen. That you say no, while you know that you might disappoint the other person or that someone else will get mad at you.That you unconditionally dare to follow your feeling or intuition, even if you deviate from what is ‘normal’, but that you do what feels right to you. I have experienced myself that if I do what really feels right for me from my heart, then it is by definition also good for the other person.

If you are not attuned to your real self, you will eventually notice this in all your areas of life. You can eat healthy food, you can exercise completely, you can take a handful of vitamins every day, but if you don’t listen to your inner voice, things can go very wrong somewhere. I myself experienced three burnouts and lost almost everything I had built up. This did give me the last push to really listen to my gut instead of doing what the voices in my head told me. Which has changed my life in a very beautiful way and I now create my own life instead of reacting to what comes to me.

Ask yourself what is really true for you in terms of your health (both physical and mental), your personal relationship(s), your work, your spirituality, your creativity, your sex life , your finances and the environment in which you live. What do these areas look like to you? Do they correspond to how you would like it, which makes you happy? Or is there something wrong with one or more areas or is it even completely stuck somewhere? This shows you where you don’t follow your intuition and where what you think and the actions you take from it don’t match your feeling.

What’s your intuition?

According to the dictionary, intuition becomesexplained as: the acquisition of direct knowledge or cognition, without the intervention of rational thought. Another way of explaining is downloading information from the universe or the ‘field’ in our brain. This happens when we stop thinking and analyzing and empty our head more and more through some form of meditation. It seems as if our brain takes a break from the amount of thoughts that are produced daily and that that break gives room for other forms of information to enter our brain. I also call it the voice of your Higher Self, which can communicate in this way about what next step is now for your highest well-being in any situation. The great thing about this is that if you do what feels best for your well-being,

The challenge is, what do we do with the information we receive in this way. In the West we tend to first analyze this information frequently and then we can start to doubt its authenticity. I myself experienced that once I started following my intuition and I dared to let go of my thoughts and patterns more and more, I started to see that my intuition was always right. The people I supervise in this also indicate that this is the best information for them, so that you dare to rely on it more and more. The great thing is that we all have access to this form of information and you can always feel what is the best step for you. Not from your head, but from your heart.Important in this is to heal thoughts and fears that keep you from feeling and following your intuition.

Be yourself by following your intuition

By following your intuition, you will also increasingly feel what is good for yourself, what your needs are and what you want to create in this life. You also increasingly want to take up your own space, show yourself to the world and tell what you have to say. You have more and more trouble with things that you feel are not right and with people who say one thing and do another. You are going to treat your own body more and more out of love and feeding it with things that are good for your body and giving it what it needs.

You will work with your body instead of forcing your body and letting it do what your mind thinks it should do. As a result, your body becomes a trusted teacher and guide, learning to view illnesses and physical symptoms as messagesof your body to show you where you are out of sync with your authentic self. We dare to open our hearts more and more often, so that we experience pleasant emotions more intensely, because we also dare to feel the less pleasant emotions instead of suppressing them.

In short, you become more authentic and therefore enjoy more and more of a life that suits you and that makes you happy.

Exercise to get in touch with your heart, your intuition

It is not difficult to make contact with your heart, where your intuition resides. I would like to give you a simple exercise to experience this contact. Sit or lie down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where you can be with yourself for at least 15 minutes. Take three deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes on the third exhale. Fill your lungs with oxygen and visualize yourself breathing in love.

With your eyes closed, move your attention from your head to your heart. Be focused on your heart. You do feel where this is, somewhere near your heart chakra or heart center. Think of something or someone you love very much. Focus an abundance of love and gratitude for the source, God, the universe in your heart. Feel gratitude for the good things and people in your life. Stay focused in love and gratitude for the source of love for 5 to 10 minutes or as long as feels right. At the end of your meditation, your eyes are still closed, inhale 3 times and fill your lungs with love and golden sunlight. On the third exhale, open your eyes.

Just as we unconsciously cultivate emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, jealousy on a structural basis, we can also consciously feel fine emotions every day and who knows, at some point this will become our ‘normal’ feeling. When our hearts are open, we are more intuitive, more patient, more connected, more present, more forgiving and ‘knowing’ more. Like dr. Joe Dispenza so beautifully can say:


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