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Why can’t I be happy?

The most amazing message I ever received during My Conversations with God dialogues consisted of 6 words. In just half a dozen sounds I was given all the knowledge I needed here in my experience on Earth.

I had gotten to a point where I wondered why life wasn’t bringing me the happiness I was looking for. while doing work that I liked, being surrounded by interesting company that I liked to be in and enjoying a family that I loved.

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked God, “why can’t I be happy.”

That is very simple,” said God. “You think your life revolves around you”.

I wanted to know what God meant, what did God say? Then I heard the six words that changed my life. “Life isn’t about you”. Please tell me what it is all about, I wanted to know. It’s about everyone you touch, in your life. and how you touch them. How you touch them determines how you experience your Higher Self and how you experience your Higher Self determines how happy you are.

In the sense “life revolves around me”, but in the reversed sense. I had to pay attention to myself so that I could pay attention to others. I had to develop myself so that I could help others develop themselves. The fastest way for me to become happy was to make others happy.

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Neale Donald Walsh

Before I go any further, a word of warning, this does not mean that you should focus on making others happy to the exclusion of yourself. If you make others happy at the expense of yourself, you miss your goal. So we’re not talking about getting yourself wrapped up and walked all over you here.

If someone else does not accept your gifts that you enjoy, or worse, accepts them and uses them to your own advantage and treats you disrespectfully and unkindly, you can continue to love that person, but in a different way, for example by letting go of that person so that he can enter into a close relationship with someone else.

There are nearly 7 billion people in the world and you are not expected to give endlessly to someone who does not value, respect or honor your gift. Of course you don’t give in order to be honored yourself. You care about experiencing that part of yourself and expressing who you really are.

However, if you feel unappreciated, denied or abused, you are doing harm rather than helping the person you turn yourself in to. after all, you teach them that, in order to continue to receive from others, it is best to give the worst. That’s not something you want to teach someone else, it’s even unkind.

But don’t despair, as I’ve said the world is full of people, and my life experience has taught me that the vast majority of humanity accepts gifts with gratitude and responds like beautiful mirrors to those who give themselves selflessly.

That’s why it works so well, in terms of the change it brought about in my life, to focus the attention not on myself but on the other person, .

Love and kiss.


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