Why do the same life lessons keep coming back into your life?

Why do the same life lessons keep coming back into your life?

Life on earth is one big process full of lessons. You often encounter the same lessons throughout your life path. Why is this happening? This article encourages you to turn inward and welcome dark areas.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same as before’

We all go through inner processes. They are our lessons. Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with the issues we run into. It is also not easy to confront yourself. As human beings, we prefer to flee from those parts of us that we do not want to see or that we can hardly look at.

If you get into conflict with yourself, you quickly get into your head. You completely lose touch with your feelings. In these moments it is important that you give yourself time and not be too hard on yourself. In our society, we are used to always working towards a goal, while you yourself are the biggest goal!

We tend to quickly put ourselves and the processes we are allowed to go through and focus again on something outside of ourselves. But outside of ourselves, we will never find the depth that helps us move forward in life. Looking for joy outside of yourself is an illusion and only brings temporary happiness.

Dark parts

Ask yourself: why do I find it difficult to engage in inner processes? What am I really afraid of? And is this fear justified? Really feel and feel why you feel this way. If you find it difficult to feel, then ask yourself: why am I closing off my feelings? Am I afraid to feel real again? Am I afraid of getting depressed? Or am I afraid of the intensity of my ‘negative’ feelings?

Why do the same life lessons keep coming back into your life?

Do you realize that these feelings are also part of you and you can’t keep pushing them away? You cannot put away what is already a part of you, because it keeps coming back. And the longer you push it away, the harder it becomes to confront yourself. It is not easy to be continuously aware of the processes you are going through. But these feelings won’t go away until you do something about it. When you engage and accept yourself and those dark parts within yourself.

Always the same lessons

We all have dark parts – I have plenty too. I struggle just as hard with these classes, but I’ll take them! Of course, there are days when I don’t want to or can’t wear them. Then my bucket is already overflowing and I look for distraction. But because these lessons keep coming back, I can’t keep avoiding them.

We are here to learn: from ourselves and from life. And to accept that we are not perfect and we were not made to be perfect. That is the greatest illusion on earth… perfection! But until you see that, you will always attract the same processes, the same lessons, the same situations, and the same people. They point out your pain points to you every time until you start working with them. It’s a vicious circle.

You decide how long you want it to take. I’m not saying this to put pressure on you. I just want to point out that what you put off will eventually come. It is you who stagnate your own growth because it always starts with yourself. You keep yourself away from your own happiness.

You do it yourself!

Many of us are used to putting the blame on someone else. But in reality, it is you who attract all kinds of situations in your life to grow. Your higher self directs you all the time, and you create your own reality and play it all out in your own dimension. Everyone who plays a game in your dimension is an aspect of you.

Why do the same life lessons keep coming back into your life?

If you do not dare to enter into a conflict or confrontation, it means that you do not want to enter into that part of yourself. You still find the confrontation with that part in yourself too difficult. And this is okay, for there is nothing more challenging than confronting yourself and acknowledging where you have failed in your eyes. In reality, of course, no one fails! Just to come back to the illusions that we create so beautifully. There is no right or wrong!

Repeat or develop

We can repeat or develop. If you choose to repeat what you have always done, you can expect to get the same as before. But if you choose to evolve, your reality will change. Then there will be growth and you can work on your happiness.

Happiness is a bit of a trap. For happiness is a state of being and is not permanent. We have moments of happiness and the more growth you go through, the more of these moments you will experience. But the learning moments and the inner processes just keep going. Because you start to understand yourself better, you know how to deal with it more and more.

Why do the same life lessons keep coming back into your life?

It’s trial and error, and that’s how life is meant to be. Also in relationships with others it is important to realize that everyone is there to help you grow Once we realize this, growth starts.

Are you willing to engage in your inner processes? Are you willing to look fear straight in the eye? Do you dare to follow your heart? Do you choose a different reality or do you keep turning the same circle? Everything is fine, it’s all your choice. Whatever you choose, be kind to yourself. Focus on the processes you want to embark on, for which you are ready. It doesn’t have to be all at once. You yourself are the goal and the way. You don’t have to be somewhere already – you’re exactly where you need to be now!



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