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Why do we have free will?

Who are we?

We are all Divine, in a human experience. We have forgotten that, we do not remember what this means for our lives as human beings. We have ‘tools’ with us in the form of soul qualities, among other things, but we have also forgotten that and if we have not forgotten it, we often do not know how to use them.

We are far removed from who we really are . We see ourselves as separate individuals and as a result we often struggle with earthly life in the 3rd dimension. Yet we chose this life ourselves and we don’t remember that either. We are here to experience ourselves, our Divinity reflected in our humanity. And we experience ourselves through our actions and their results and through the interaction with other people, who show us who we are and who we are not.

Earthly existence

I notice that in the spiritual community, and that also applies to religious environments, it is more highly regarded to pray and meditate, to ‘sit on the mountain’, than to enter the earthly life with your feet in the mud.

People wait for signals ‘from above’, signals from the unseen world in the hope that they will show the way, and meanwhile do nothing. Praying and meditating is totally fine, don’t get me wrong. What this does is it creates new possibilities in your life. It opens a door, it brings a new opportunity in your path.

But if you want to achieve something in your life, you have to do something. Take concrete steps, take action. By meditating, praying and visualizing a new possibility arises, a door opens and if you want to do something with that possibility, you take concrete steps. You jump into action and you walk through that door.

Free will

We have been given free will for the purpose of using it. That’s one of the tools we can use. We are here to experience ourselves as we wish. We can make choices with our will that give us a certain expected result. If we have experienced that result long enough or if we don’t like it, we can make a new choice. And that goes on all the time because we constantly make choices and those are mainly unconscious choices.

You can see from your circumstances which choice you have made. But what often happens is that we don’t use our free will. We don’t know what we want, we wonder what our life purpose is, why are we on earth and so on. And meanwhile we do nothing. We wait for a signal indicating which path is the right one. But that doesn’t happen.

You did not get that free will for nothing and you are meant to use it. And if you then use your will and you go on the road, only then do you get signals, then life steps in to help you with what you want to experience and achieve. You set out, life follows. Not the other way around.


And that gives an enormous sense of inner strength. And so it is, you are the creator of your own circumstances, whether you know it or not, whether you make conscious choices or unconsciously.

In addition to all the unconscious choices you make, the result of which you may or may not like, you can make conscious choices through the use of your free will. This way you can adjust but also determine your path.

Embrace your existence as a human being in the earthly dimension. Stand with your feet in the mud. Use your free will to make choices and get going. That’s how life is meant to be. In this way you become the conscious creator of your own life.


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