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Why does everything in your life happen for a reason? 4 tips

Everything that happened to me turned out to be exactly what I just needed for my personal development. How do you experience this? And how do you experience it from the big picture? Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve known the person you’re talking to for much longer, when you’re seeing them for the first time? Or that you come to a place somewhere in the world that you think, where do I know this from? In this article more information and 4 tips to look at your life from a total overview.

Everything happens with a reason

You are born as a human being with a life mission. You take this life mission with you and then you forget it again. You discover in your daily life what this life mission is by following your heart, that which makes you happy. If you follow your heart and take the right steps, the right people and situations will automatically come your way. These people, situations or special places in the world all contribute to your life mission. When you look back on it, every experience really connects to the other and you meet people for a reason. That reason is always about your personal growth as a person.

The magic of 1 of the 7 wonders of the world

Last week I experienced on a deeper level that everything comes your way at exactly the right time and that you don’t have to do anything for this, except open yourself up and enjoy yourself. I take you in my story…

Before the pandemic, I would travel with the consultancy I’m doing an assignment for. This was postponed until it was possible again last week. The preparation had been a lot of work and we were happy that everyone could come along. The trip we would all make was to Jordan. Of course we went to see the magic of the treasury of the pharaoh: Petra, 1 of the 7 world wonders on earth. Wander with me through this wonder of the world.

Wonder of the world in the desert

The first day we got up very early and started with a swim in the Dead Sea. That was an experience in itself because whatever you do, you always float on the salt. After a hot shower we went on the bus. The journey took about 4 hours, over bumpy roads that shook us up quite a bit. However, the view was great.

Hidden in a gorge in the desert lies that world wonder. The city is almost completely carved into the rock. The natural passage that leads to Petra is a deep gorge up to 1200 meters long, which opens onto the Siq: undulating rock walls 80 meters high that fit together like a puzzle piece. While walking through the Siq towards the tomb of Al Khazneh, I saw a part of the monument. As I walked on, I imagined myself in a mysterious and intensely beautiful sight. It came in completely and I fell silent. How is it possible that they were able to build this funerary monument at that time?

Everything happens with a reason

What was the reason Petra crossed my path?

Beforehand I had no idea where the trip would go, because it was a surprise. Because the trip was postponed, it only happened after 1.5 years. In retrospect I see that the moment I came to this power spot and that something in me was touched and that this bit of transformation was necessary, was exactly the right moment.

Awakening the deep connection in myself

In the bus when we drove there, I already got an image: in a previous life I had been at this power place. When I really stood in front of Al Khazneh, I felt this in every fiber of my body. It was like waking up and feeling the connection with myself on a deeper level. Tears of happiness welled up. I had experienced the exact same thing once before, with a picture of Lourdes. Because of this, I knew that I had also been to this power spot before.

Walking further into the canyon, I realized that the city is full of caves, tombs, churches, prisons and an amphitheater. The color palette you see there is amazing.

It was only later in the evening when I had a moment to myself that I really realized what had happened. In every cell of my body I felt what my life mission is here. Never before had I experienced it so deeply.
I can help people on any theme in their lives in which they get stuck, both privately and at work. I can use my talents to remove the core problem and thereby help people and organizations accelerate their transformation. This can be done in a few sessions or, for example, in an annual process.

Everything happens with a reason

Everything has a reason for your personal growth

If you look at yourself from a total picture, you will experience that everything in your life happens for a reason and that nothing is a coincidence. Below are 4 tips for your personal growth.

  1. Discover what your life mission is. You do this by following your heart.
  2. Practice by seeing everything you experience as a bigger picture. Look at yourself as if you were watching a movie as a third person. What do you see?
  3. Your mind doesn’t always understand why something happens and knows that you can’t explain everything.
    Be receptive in life to beautiful experiences, get out of your head, feel and enjoy.
  4. Realize that only you can see the world the way you want to. Is your glass half empty or is your glass half full? Go for your truth.

“There are only two ways to live your life: pretending nothing is a miracle, and pretending everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein.

Enjoy your personal wonders of the world.


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