Why in highly sensitive people the chakras are often out of balance (these are the consequences…)

High sensitivity

If you are highly sensitive, your chakras are often out of balance. This can have major consequences: overstimulation, burnout, sleeping problems, but also physical ailments. In this article what major role do energetic blockages from your youth play in this. “You retreat into the upper, cosmic chakras, where it feels safer. That way you lose contact with the lower chakras.”

Blockages in the chakra system ensure that you continue to attract situations in which your old memories and beliefs are mirrored.

Do you recognize these signals of imbalance?

Emotional and mental blocks are in the chakra system and are also stored in the cell memory of your physical body.

Do you feel a lot, but do you also have a lot of thoughts? Do you keep getting incentives? And emotions of others? Do you have a lot of creativity and inspiration, but are you unable to actually manifest your ideas? Do you experience spirituality intensely, but do you sometimes lose contact with your body? They are all signs of an imbalance in your chakras. This article describes seven chakras, but there are more chakras connected to our energetic field.

The 7 energy points in your body

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Mental energies are stored in your chakras, but also emotional energies such as memories, traumas and unprocessed emotions.

The Indian teaching about our body is based on a holistic view of man. We have 4 bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. The chakras are energetic points in our bodies. They are the foundation of our emotional, mental and physical health. Over the years, mental energies such as thoughts and beliefs are stored in your chakras, but also emotional energies: memories, traumas, and unprocessed and unexpressed emotions. We store these emotional and mental energies in our cells. Thus we arrive at the physical body.
There are 7 chakras, which run vertically through the body.

These are the energy centers from bottom to top:

1. Root Chakra
2. Sacral Chakra
3. Solar Plexus Chakra
4. Heart Chakra
5. Throat Chakra
6. Third Eye Chakra
7. Crown Chakra

Earth Chakras: Ego, Finance, and Sex


Many HSPs have trouble letting the energy flow up to their root chakra.

The first 3 chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra) are mainly connected with the earthly aspect of our humanity, with our oldest brain areas and the experience of duality. They are about fear, trust, survival, nutrition, sex, male and female energy, pleasure, personality, ego, health, finances, and material manifestations. The heart chakra forms the bridge between the earthly and cosmic chakras. Many highly sensitive people experience the world from their heart chakra.

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Cosmic Chakras: Emotions, Intuition, and Angels

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As a highly sensitive person you deal with the spheres of the cosmic chakras, because you still feel strongly connected with the energy of the Source.

The cosmic chakras are the last 3 in the row: the throat, third eye and crown chakras. They are connected to our spirituality. They are less focused on sensory perception and turn the gaze inward. They express the experience of emotions, thoughts, inspiration, visions and creativity and play a role in communication, clarity and intuition. They are about connection with astral energies such as light masters and angels and the direct experience of the Divine, the Source, the Universe.

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Why you get overstimulated as an HSP

If you are highly sensitive, you often have a strong connection to your cosmic chakras. You tend to dwell on the realms of these energy centers because you still feel strongly connected to the energy of Home, of Source. You live from your heart. Feels love flowing. Needs softness, peace, and harmony. Have a strong contact with animals, nature, or children. You often consciously experience your own thoughts and emotions. Sensory stimuli come to you intensely.

Many highly sensitive people (HSPs) are empathetic, intuitive, creative, and very sensitive. A lot of energy flows in the upper chakras and the heart chakra. Often less energy goes to the lower chakras. This makes you quickly overstimulated and tired. You can get complaints if you cannot manifest your heart energy properly on earth. You become unbalanced, which can lead to emotional, mental, and physical ailments. Why is it that many HSPs have trouble letting the energy flow through to their root chakra?

Childhood survival mechanisms

If you are highly sensitive, you perceive a lot as a baby. You are closely connected with your spiritual home and look for clues, for recognition of your being in earthly existence. You often suck in emotions and thoughts that are not yours and are overloaded with stimuli. At school, there is often little room for the qualities of the highly sensitive child: love, living from the heart, creativity, strong connection with feeling and emotion, and the feeling of people, animals, and the environment. You don’t feel at home in the rational, performance-oriented world, which is based on very different values. And so you will adapt…

A desire for safety

The intense feeling in the body (sacral chakra) becomes too overwhelming for you. You can no longer vent emotions about yourself and others and develop a fear of rejection. The false beliefs you adopt lead to adaptive behavior. You teach yourself survival mechanisms to be able to receive love, harmony, and warmth, while longing for your spiritual home. You retreat into the cosmic chakras, where it feels safer. In this way you lose contact with the lower chakras over the years.

Bringing your chakra system back into balance

Now that you know this, it’s important to take care of your inner child. The emotional and mental blocks are in the chakra system and are therefore also stored in the cell memory of your physical body. This ensures that you continue to attract situations in which your old memories and beliefs are mirrored. Holding on to old beliefs feels safe because as a child it helped you survive in a world that didn’t match your heart’s energy. But it stops you as a highly sensitive adult from feeling free, happy, and healthy and to manifest radiantly from your heart.

Burnout, sleeping problems, and depression

sleeping, burnout

Because your body can no longer adapt, more and more complaints arise such as burnout, sleeping problems, overstimulation, depression, sadness, and physical pain. It is a cry from your body: to go the way in and stop. Your inner child keeps knocking on your door, to be seen and heard. And to bring the hurt parts of the past back into the loving and warm bath of your adult consciousness.

An important first step

In order to bring your chakra system back into balance, it is useful to first inventory in which area of ​​life you are stuck. With highly sensitive people it is often about relationships, health, career/life mission, finances or manifesting from your heart. What you did doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t bring happiness and fulfillment. Or you feel strongly that it is not what you come here on earth to do. The inspiration, energy and joie de vivre are missing.

What does your body want to tell you?

Where in your body do you regularly experience tension and pain? These are the places where you carry with you memories, emotions, trauma and beliefs that your body now wants to let go.

When you have clear in which area you experience imbalance, you investigate your body: where do you regularly experience tension and pain? The energy is trapped there and cannot flow properly. These are often the places where you carry memories, emotions, trauma and beliefs that your body now wants to let go of. Remember: life is always there to make you aware where you do not yet experience love, abundance, and freedom. It is never the intention that your complaints become chronic! You can learn to listen to the signals of your body.

This is how you can heal blockages in chakras

To heal the blockages in the lower 3 chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras), regular inner work is needed. This way you can make a start with this: become aware of where you experience unrest in your body and breathe very focused on that. Your intention is always: to be lovingly present with that which is. It may have been too painful to feel certain emotions and rejection in the past, but you don’t have to carry this around as an adult. You may leave the old behind to step fully into your self-love and authentic power. Let your soul shine and manifest the energy of your loving heart on Earth.

Stay present in your body. Breathe into your lower abdomen as deeply as possible. Say sweet words to yourself and feel how love heals your blockages. The excess energy in your crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras can find its way down. Heaven and earth can thus connect with each other. And you can manifest your talents and gifts from a safe and trusted base within yourself!



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