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Why it’s not so bad if you want to be liked by everyone

We get it here in the Netherlands with the spoon: just act normal, then you act crazy enough. So we often learn to adapt early on. Not sticking our heads above ground level. to please people . Not to stand out too much. To be accepted and liked by everyone.

Sensitive people in particular tend to be bothered by it if someone doesn’t like them. I have that myself. I would prefer that everyone likes and likes me, but of course that is never the case. I am not like everyone else and you automatically stand out if you think a little differently.

For example, if you, like me, have a somewhat messy and creative brain and are more sensitive than many around you and so you can’t go shopping in the afternoon and go to that party in the evening. If you prefer to skip a party every now and then anyway. Or if you find it difficult to talk about small things. Then you stand out and there will inevitably be people who don’t like you.

Letting go

I had a nice discussion about it on Facebook recently. A number of people, these were – perhaps coincidentally – all men, thought that I should not care so much about others. That I had to let it go in order to be liked by everyone. Then I started thinking: Do I really want that? Do I want to let that go?

The thing is, if people like me, it does me good. I like to hear from time to time that someone just thinks I’m a cool woman. I think it secretly works that way for everyone. It makes your environment and club of friends a lot nicer if people like you. And it also benefits my business, because if I have customers who think. “Nice person, I will work with him!” then I automatically get customers that I get along with and we create a nice work flow together.

To adjust

There is only one very important difference between how I am now and how I used to be: I am now big friends with myself. So I’m not going to adjust anymore. Well, almost not, because I still don’t say everything that comes to mind in situations where it’s not appreciated. Again, I think even those who say they don’t care what others think sometimes do. Despite that, I still like it when everyone likes and likes me. But if that no longer comes at the expense of who you are, is that bad? Not in my eyes.

So the next time you screw yourself up for caring what others think of you, be kind to yourself. It just makes you a nicer person!


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