Burnouts or other severe circumstances can cause you to lose yourself. This does not have to be miserable and can actually have two major advantages. Mieke Lannoey, author of Never again the old,  explains in this article why losing yourself can be positive and what your soul path has to do with this.


Losing yourself as an opportunity

During my burnout in 2014, I discovered that I actually didn’t know who I was at all. Until then I had lived my life on autopilot according to society’s norms and expectations. I fully identified myself with my roles and professional image.

A burnout gave me the time and space to get to know myself in depth, discover my own truth, and determine from which higher values ​​I want to live. It was the start of an inner transformation and awareness process, of a life close to and true to myself.

When I recently found out that – due to a combination of circumstances – I lost myself again during the past few months, I was initially very disappointed in myself. Immediately there was that self-judgmental voice that said I should know better by now.Gradually, however, this disappointment gives way to a feeling of gratitude. Losing yourself has two major benefits:

1: You have a healthy reference point

In order to know that you have lost yourself, you must first know what it feels like to be with yourself. The fact that you are aware that you have lost yourself means that you have a point of reference, that you have a healthy sense of yourself.

That in itself is great news because the majority of people have lost this feeling. Only when you know from experience how to determine your own course can you discover that you are no longer sailing on your own compass.

2: It’s a chance to rediscover yourself

The second advantage of losing yourself is that it gives you the chance to find yourself again. You are not only given the opportunity to rediscover yourself but even to reinvent yourself from scratch.

For example, I am no longer the same person as 7 years ago, as a human being you are not static, but a living and dynamic organism that is constantly in motion. Losing yourself keeps you up-to-date with who you are NOW.

Spiritual Growth Cycle



It is no coincidence that I reached this point 7 years after my burnout. I discovered that a spiritual growth cycle takes 7 years. For me, the uneasiness I am currently going through is confirmation that I am living in synchronization with my spiraling soul path.

I am invited to step into a larger version of myself and my reality. Or, to put it with a metaphor from my latest book Never Again

It’s time to shed my old shell and create a new one.

Joyful Expectation

Even now, just like 7 years ago, I am torn between fear of the unknown and anticipation of the new. Between wanting to hold on to the old familiar and looking forward to the still blank sheet that lies before me.

After all, my sensitive sensation-seeking soul likes some adventure. However, in the midst of this pendulum swing between fear and trust, I feel more and more aligned with my renewed self.

This makes me dare to say for the first time in a long time: The best is yet to come!


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