Why many sensitive people are born in non-sensitive families

Why many sensitive people are born in non-sensitive families
It is no coincidence that you ended up in a ‘not so sensitive’ family with your high sensitivity, clairvoyance, or clairsentience. It is precisely here that you can learn lessons and work through old pain. This article reflects on both the obstacles and the opportunities that appear on your path.

The challenge is ultimately to rediscover yourself. To excavate your true self from the mountain of judgments and non-own energies and to restore it.

Old souls, old pain

Many people who are naturally highly sensitive, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient and/or telepathic, incarnate in a place where their sensitivity is not understood. Old souls consciously choose ‘difficult families’ to work out their latest old themes here. Here, through the lack of support, understanding, and confirmation, they can face their old pain and learn to trust in themselves.

Your senses work differently

This road presents a number of specific challenges. When you are sensitive, clairsentient, etc. in a non-sensitive family, you have access to a few senses that your family members have not or barely developed. But because those channels of information come naturally to you (of course you feel what the other person is feeling!) and you are just a baby, a toddler, or a child, it is astonishing to you that the others do not share your perception.

Why many sensitive people are born in non-sensitive families

Your intuitive statements and your feelings are not recognized or taken seriously. Your experiences can be dismissed as nonsense, fantasy or lies, so at some point shut up. In the worst case, you start to doubt yourself and your own perception and perception.

In addition, others may feel threatened by your perception, your piercing gaze or statements that come too close to the truth that they themselves do not want to acknowledge. I often come across it: highly sensitive people who instinctively managed to put their finger on the sore spot as a child. They named precisely what adults in their environment did not want to know, which of course was not appreciated or even punished.

School is deadly boring

The school system is also generally not geared to sensitive people. Education is largely about inculcating other people’s facts and ideas, not about creative and innovative thinking and research. For sensitive and especially intelligent children, that is deadly boring. They often focus their attention on places that are interesting to them: their own dream world, other dimensions, their fantasy. If their school performance then falls behind, they may be wrongly seen as ‘stupid’ or labeled as ADD.

Teachers can feel cornered by a child who sees right through them and exposes their lack of true authority. Highly sensitive children who radiate a lot of light can be subconsciously experienced as a threat by teachers who are not in their power and hide their own insecurity and pain pieces from themselves. I see that these teachers sometimes show or facilitate emotional, verbal or energetic aggressive behavior or even bullying behavior towards such a child.

Incorrect labels

When you end up at such a young age in an environment that does not support your perception and even denies or punishes you, the result is often that you start to doubt yourself and shut down. In addition, your behavior is often mislabeled and misinterpreted, which can leave you even more confused. “He’s so quiet, he sure is shy.” No, he is processing his impressions on a level that is invisible to you.

“She often withdraws into her room; she is not sociable and boring.” No, she needs to recharge after a tiring school day with children and teachers who function at a different frequency than she does. She hasn’t learned to keep to herself yet.

“He’s not going to play football like the other guys – he’s weird.” No, he contacts levels of existence and consciousness that are not yet accessible to you, but that are extremely essential.

“She’s so quiet while the others romp through the woods; she is introverted.” No, she makes contact with the natural beings and communicates soundlessly with the trees.

Doubts and confusion

Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?

When you grow up in an environment that doesn’t share your perception and labels your behavior and personality in a way that doesn’t match your truth, you can start to seriously doubt your own truth. The truth about who you essentially are, the truth of your own perception and the way you perceive the truth with all your senses. You may be adopting some judgments of your environment about yourself. In addition, if you are treated negatively, you can get energies and soul parts from another into your system that confuse you even more.

Rediscover yourself

The challenge in all of this is ultimate to rediscover yourself. To dig out your true self, your true personality, from the mountain of judgments and energies of others and to restore it. To reclaim and appropriate the parts of yourself that you have given up or hidden.

You can consciously retrieve your true strength, light, spontaneity, joie de vivre, humor, wisdom and all the qualities that are essentially yours. You can develop the clairsentience and clairvoyance that you had naturally.

You can honor the softness that is your own again. You can restore your strength, which is not based on force majeure, but on truth and fearlessness. Let your love flow again, without dependence on the end result. You can receive nourishment and support from your first mother: the earth. You can restore the connection with your true soul self and with the Source.

Stand strong & shine

Skin hunger: what can you do to solve it yourself?

Precisely because the people around you lacked support for you, you went looking for it. You’ve looked for it in books, in movies, in nature, in like-minded people who resonate with your frequency. But eventually you will find it in yourself. When you have made that journey and have rediscovered your strength, truth and authority within yourself, you are strong. Then you set your own course. Then you are able to let your light shine everywhere. And then nothing can throw you off balance.

Help is coming your way

It’s a lesson you could only learn in this way. It’s not an easy road. But the universe is always working with your soul to bring opportunities in your path that support you in this. With synchronicity as a signpost: ‘What a coincidence that this book, this person, this event, this message is just coming my way!’ With your invisible soul family of angels, loved ones from past lives, nature, crystals, and animals as your team. Your own heart always brings you back to the truth about who you really are: a beautiful, powerful soul!


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