Why men develop spiritually differently than women (you probably didn’t know this!)

Men, take note: Jacqueline Rietveld thinks it is high time that you no longer put your spiritual development on hold. “It seems more difficult for many men than for women to take the next step in their spiritual evolution.” Curious what exactly she means? Read the stimulating article and be inspired.

Men are allowed to let what they have learned on a spiritual level permeate their entire existence.

The big difference between men and women

You hear more about women engaged in spirituality than about men. Yet there are plenty of men who feel the need to expand their consciousness and develop spiritually. However, their intention often seems different. Men mainly want to ‘feel better’ and ‘function as usual’, while women more often strive for a lasting change in their way of lifeSpiritual growth is ultimately also about transformation. What makes the threshold for men often seem higher than for women to continue to that phase? And what can conscious men do to break this?

Don’t shave with the same brush

I’m generalizing here, of course. Of course we are all individuals who cannot be lumped together. But there are culturally determined differences in the behavior of women and men. It is about behaviors that we have learned. And we are biologically different. I currently see a difference between how most women deal with spirituality and what most men do with it.

About ‘the man’ and ‘the woman’

Many women use spirituality as a way of life. They are inspired by their new insights when designing their daily lives: the work they do, for example, or the relationships they have and the way they interact with nature.

Men often seem to add more spiritual practice. To relax and let go of stress and pain and then get on with ‘normal’ life again. It seems time for ‘the man’ to follow the example of ‘the woman’ when it comes to integrating a higher consciousness into everyday life.

Spiritual evolution: always to the next level

Spiritual development moves in an upward spiral with different levels. The infinite movement is always that of relaxation, to healing, to consciousness development. You could say that you make this movement every time on a next level of the spiral. To go to the next level, a change or transformation is always necessary.

If you want to grow further, it is therefore necessary to change old habits. It can be about food and exercise, for example, but also about your work, social relationships or living environment. It seems more difficult for many men than for women to take the next step in their spiritual evolution.


What stops men?

Especially when you feel as a man that the work you do no longer fits your increased awareness and your (rediscovered) heart desire, there is a good chance that you will get stuck at your current level of development. This probably has a historical cause rooted in the genes. Over the centuries, in most societies the man had the task of taking care of his family. Men hunted to feed their wives and children, built houses and fought wars to protect them.

I still regularly hear men say that ‘if they didn’t have a wife and children who are used to a certain standard of living’ they would make different choices than they do now. Only then does it seem less terrifying for the man to quit his job and run the risk of not being able to pay the mortgage anymore. Then there would be more room to follow his heart.

Emancipation: women save themselves

Until about forty years ago, this might have been a relevant consideration. Times have now changed. Especially in the rich West, women have been emancipated and evolved spiritually. Women are able to stand in their power to create the security and abundance they need. The woman has expanded her consciousness and pushed her boundaries beyond the realm of home and hearth. Through emancipation, women use their voices and earn their own money. The husband can now let go of the belief that he is responsible for the survival and well-being of his wife.

Follow the path that makes your heart happy

You as a man now have a different responsibility: to fully engage in your own growth process and not to be held back by apparent external obstacles. Men are allowed to let what they have learned on a spiritual level permeate their entire existence. That means: listening more to your gut feeling, following the path that makes your heart happy and organizing your life in the way that gives the most space to everything you have to offer the world.

Inspire others

So dear man, if you feel from the inside that it is time to start living differently, then do it! Stop putting your own spiritual development on ‘pause’. Live your own truth and do this in the middle of society. Do not withdraw into a commune, as a hermit or vagabond, but manifest in the here and now. Follow your inner voice and desire. Take action and break with the old if it stops you from living honestly.

Don’t be afraid to lose the things you are attached to right now. What and who really matters will stay. trust. What lies ahead is even more beautiful. You will only find real fulfillment, love, abundance and joy in life if you live completely from your I-power. You are then an inspiration for your friends, brothers, sons and colleagues, so that society as a whole evolves with you.


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