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Why no one can predict your future

I hear it regularly: healers or readers who tell people what their future will look like. For example:
  • – “you will not have children”
  • – “you will always be alone”
  • – “the love of your life will choose you and come (back) to you”
  • – “you will lose someone at a young age”
  • – …. fill it in: a definitive statement about someone’s future.

These statements are all about something that may or may not happen in the future. In addition, they give the impression that there is nothing (or little) you can do about it.

And that’s a problem!

Because many people not only believe these statements, they also let these statements rule their lives long after they are made.

Self fulfilling prophecies

If you are told that the love of your life will eventually come back to you, will you wait for him? And what if he chooses differently? Then you waited for nothing and put your life on hold, for nothing. You have completely given away your power (and your own happiness) to something outside of you, something you can do nothing about.

And if you’ve heard that you’ll always be alone, how do you go on your first, or second, or third date with someone? What happens to you every time you come across that memory of the person who told you that “you will always be alone””? In this way, these kinds of statements about the future can become self-fulfilling prophecies.punch-316605__340

No one can predict your future

Good healers/readers can see potentials or possibilities: they can see or feel which direction you are going.

But that could change at any time!

Free will and the power of change

Your future is not fixed. The future has yet to be created and depends on the choices you make. You have complete free will and so any potential can still be changed.

All other people also have free will and can make new or different choices at any time. Making yourself dependent on what others will or will not do is a recipe for unhappiness. It is an ultimate form of giving away your power to someone else.

It can be valuable to gain insight into your potentials: where opportunities lie in front of you or in which direction you are moving. But only if you realize that all potentials only become reality the moment they happen. Before that, everything can still change. You can choose differently, the people around you can choose differently, and the whole situation can change. So no one can predict the future with certainty.future-wanted

What a good healer or reader will do

Do you come across someone who tells you that you can see or feel the future, implying that there is little or nothing you can do about it? Then find someone else as soon as possible. Do you realize that a good healer or reader:

  • – will always respect your free choice
  • – will never pretend that the future is already set
  • – never tell you what someone else will or won’t do
  • – will never take away your strength by making you dependent on someone else

Don’t give your power away

Remember: you always have free choice and all potentials can change. And even if they have already manifested, you always have the choice of how you deal with that situation and thus how you experience the situation. Don’t let your own strength and happiness take you away. Stay away from anyone who claims to know your future.


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