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Why our kids are at least 20 years ahead

More and more often you hear and read stories about the new age in which we live, the high consciousness and the new age children . Stories about children with special wisdom at an early age and with a beautiful pure energy. It is often said that this has to do with the deepening movement that is going on in our collective consciousness and that these children are the messengers and perhaps the ‘leaders’ of the new world.

That is definitely true. But what is forgotten to mention here is that the parents of these children are the most important link in this. Is it true that these children are different from their parents? Are they further and more aware as is said? Or maybe they just have the advantage that their parents are currently reinventing the wheel, so they don’t have to do this anymore?

A better world starts with you

Because the road these parents take has not been an easy one. Most have completely lost themselves over the years and have mastered all kinds of survival mechanisms through the circumstances of their childhood and life from their childhood pain. As a result, the connection with their hearts was broken and they have been looking for themselves for years through trial and error.

Until their system finally called it quits and through a burnout , depression or other traumatic event that knocked the ground out from under them, forced them to follow the way back in and heal the pain through self-love. .

And they did. They discovered ways of getting and staying closer to themselves, got to know themselves and discovered their (highly) sensitive gifts, their sensitivity and inner wisdom and with that they now illuminate not only their own lives, but also the world.

We create the bed through which these children can be themselves

Most child pain is caused by a child not feeling seen and heard. However, a child depends on its environment for its survival. He has a need of belonging, of appreciation and recognition, of feeling loved and safe. However, his need to be himself is often disrupted by the demands, expectations and behaviors of his environment.

A child does not yet have the awareness and skills for self-reflection and self-understanding to realize that if his need to feel seen and heard is not met, it is not his fault. He will also not be able to meet his own needs. So he will start to behave in an adapted way and become more and more lost and denied in the challenges in his path.

Unless the parents create a safe, loving environment in which the child can be himself, in which he is seen and heard and, in any case, an effort is made to meet the child’s needs. And that is what today’s parents can give their children, because they see that their child is the same as them, with the same wants and needs, and the same challenges.

From male to female to consciousness growth

Today’s children are just as wise, sensitive and empathetic as their parents, only their parents did not have the space for this or in any case they did not feel free and safe enough to show those qualities and develop them further. And because the movement at the time mainly came from a male energy, people did not know (anymore) how to enter this female movement.

In the years that followed, this masculine movement focused on reason, performance and willpower led to the children of that time eventually failing as adults in adapting to society and in chasing their dreams and happiness.

However, precisely because they got stuck, a counter-movement came back to not only balance in themselves, but also in life. The female movement inwards, towards softness, towards feeling and intuition, was given space again. But because this feminine energy was embraced more, the masculine energy also became stronger. Among other things, out of fear of losing ground, but above all a very natural movement in the dynamics between male and female, in which they oppress, embrace, attract and repel each other, to ultimately carry life in balance with each other as a beautiful unity.

Children are like us now after a burnout or depression

This increase in pressure on the one hand in male society and on the other hand the softening and connection through the parents ensures that many more children now get stuck at school , have psychological complaints or suffer from depression. This is not only due to society that places a much higher (performance) pressure on children, but also because the children now experience in their home environment and see that things can be done differently, which has left a large hole in how they feel at home. and for example at school.

Because children of today no longer have to conform at home, now that they feel seen and heard at home and can be themselves, they can continue to feel all the better what is good for them and what is not. And what doesn’t feel right, their entire system rebels against it, which can express itself in anger, frustrations, fears, but also illnesses and psychological complaints.

Children of today are like their parents after a burnout or depression. They live in connection with themselves and they know how things can be done differently and can therefore no longer pretend. And if they then have to do something that they do not support, this immediately manifests itself in all kinds of complaints and ‘problematic’ behaviour. It is up to the parents to help them discharge and regain their balance at home. And these parents can do that because they know from their own experience exactly what is going on and what is needed, because they have already made that growth of consciousness themselves.

When we make our stories whole, we clear the way for our children

The parents of the new age children are those 30s who have gone through a burnout and are now finally doing what sets their hearts on fire, they are the 40s who have struggled through a midlife crisis in search of more satisfaction in their lives. life and it is the 50s who have reconnected with their inner fire through menopausal difficulties. Today’s parents are paving the way for their children by healing their stories and sharing their insights and life wisdom.

So let’s no longer fear depression in children, but help them follow the way in, so that they can already discover who they are, what they want and what their strength is and not only many crises later like us. So that they know how to grow in consciousness, how to strengthen the connection with themselves and how to always come out from turning inwards with renewed strength and enhanced self-love, without losing or denying themselves.

In this way we, the parents of today, give our children a flying start and a head start of at least 20 years and we make the new world possible.


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