Why positive affirmations are so important for abundance, happiness and health

Why positive affirmations are so important for abundance, happiness and health

Affirmations work wonderfully to create a happy and abundant life. In this article, Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization, explains why affirmations work so well, how you can stop negative dialogue in your head thanks to affirmations and how you can best use affirmations yourself in your life. With examples of affirmations to start right away.

Affirmations are one of the most important parts of creative visualization. Affirm means ‘to make firm (concrete)’. An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so. It is a way of ‘fastening’ what you imagine.

Even doing effective affirmations for ten minutes a day can outweigh years of old mental habits.

What do you say to yourself?

Most of us are aware that there is an almost continuous inner dialogue taking place. The mind is busy “talking” to itself, making an endless commentary on life, the world, our feelings, our problems, and other people. The words and ideas that go through our minds are very important.

Why positive affirmations are so important for abundance, happiness and health

Most of the time we are not really aware of this stream of thoughts, yet what we ‘tell ourselves is the basis on which we form our experiences of reality. Our mental commentary influences and colors our feelings and perceptions about what is happening in our lives, and it is these thought-forms that ultimately attract and create everything that happens to us.

Old tape recordings

A traditional way of meditating is to consider your inner dialogue as objectively as possible. This is a very valuable experience, for it allows you to become consciously aware of what you usually think. Many of these thoughts are like tape recordings of old patterns we’ve had in our lives. They are old “programmings” that we picked up long ago, and that still influence what happens to us today. We may find that we are used to having self-defeating thoughts like: I can’t do this, or: It’s never going to be okay.

With the help of affirmations, we can begin to replace some of the stale, worn-out, or negative chatter in our heads with more positive ideas and ideas. It is a powerful technique, which is a short time can completely change our attitudes and expectations of life, and therefore also what we create for ourselves.

Why positive affirmations are so important for abundance, happiness and health

Tips for making your affirmations successful:

  1. Affirmations can be done silently, said aloud, recited, or even sung and chanted.
  2. Even doing effective affirmations for ten minutes a day can outweigh years of old mental habits.
  3. For example, if you think, What’s the point, I’ll never get what I want, you can say to yourself, “I have the ability to create what I want,” or, “I deserve to be happy and fulfilled.”
  4. Always use affirmations in the present tense, not the future tense. It is important to pretend that your wish already exists. Don’t say, “I’ll get a great job,” but rather, “I’ve got a great new job now.” This is not lying to yourself; it is recognizing the fact that everything is first formed on the mental plane before it can manifest itself in reality.
  5. Always use affirmations in the most positive way. Confirm what you do want, not what you don’t want. Don’t say, “I don’t oversleep anymore in the morning,” but rather, “I get up every morning on time and full of energy.” This ensures that you form the most positive mental image. Sometimes you may find it helpful to use negative affirmations, especially if you are working to clear specific emotional blocks or bad habits; for example, “I don’t need to get tense to get things done.” If so, you should always follow these affirmations with a positive statement that describes exactly what you want to accomplish, for example, “I now remain deeply relaxed and focused, and everything is accomplished with ease and effort.”
  6. The shorter and simpler the affirmation, the more effective it has. It must be a clear statement that expresses a strong feeling; the more feeling it conveys, the stronger the impression on your mind. Affirmations that are long, wordy and theoretical, lose their emotional impact and become too “intellectual.”
  7. Always choose affirmations that you think are completely right. What works for one may not work for another. An affirmation should give a positive, expanding, liberating, and/or supportive feeling. If not, find another one, or try changing the words until it feels right. Of course, you may experience an emotional resistance to any affirmation you use for the first time, especially one that works really powerfully for you and causes a significant shift in your consciousness. That’s just our natural resistance to change and growth.
  8. Always remember that you are creating something new and fresh. You should not try to duplicate or renew what already exists. If you do that, you are resisting what is, and that causes conflict and strife. Take the attitude that you accept and can handle what already exists in your life; see every moment as an opportunity to create exactly what you desire and what makes you happiest.
  9. Affirmations are not meant to go against or try to change your opinions or emotions. It is important to accept and live all your feelings, including the so-called ‘negative’ ones, without trying to change them. Meanwhile, affirmations can help you gain a new outlook on life; they allow you to have more and more satisfying experiences from now on.
  10. Try to generate a feeling of conviction as much as possible, and experience that your affirmations can be true. Temporarily (at least for a few minutes) let go of your doubts and hesitations, and put all your spiritual and emotional energy into it.
  11. Try to feel that you actually have the power to create that reality (which you actually do!). That will make a big difference in the degree of their effect. Affirmations can be used alone or in combination with visualizing or imagining something.
  12. It works very well to include affirmations as part of the meditation.

Get started yourself!

Why positive affirmations are so important for abundance, happiness and health

Any positive statement can be an affirmation. An innumerable amount of affirmations are possible; here are a few, just to give you an idea:


Every day it goes on for me in every way, the longer the better.
Everything comes easily within my reach without the slightest effort.
My life is fully blossoming.
I have everything I need to be happy here and now.
I am master of my life.
Everything I need is already within me.
Perfect wisdom is in my heart.

Self-love, health, and perfection:

I am complete and perfect in myself,
I love and value myself just the way I am.
I accept all my feelings as part of myself.
I love to love and to be loved.
The more I love myself, the more love I can give to others.
I now give and receive love richly.
I now draw loving, satisfying, happy relationships into my life.
My relationship with – is getting happier and more fulfilling every day.
I dynamically express myself.
I am healthy and beautiful!

Income and Abundance:

I now have a perfect, satisfying, high-paying job.
I do my job with love, and I am richly rewarded, both creatively and financially.
I now have enough time, energy, wisdom, and money to fulfill all my wishes.
It’s fine to have everything I want!
Abundance is my natural state of life.
Every day I am becoming more financially prosperous.

The more I have, the more I can give.
The more I give, the more I receive, and the happier I feel.
I am open to receiving all the blessings of this abundant universe!
I have a great job with a great salary.
I fulfill a wonderful function in a wonderful way.
I am always in the right place, successfully engaged in the right activity.
The universe is abundant and there is enough for all of us.

Happy and joyful life:

I am an open channel of creative energy.
It’s good to have fun and amuse myself, whatever I do!
I like to relax and have fun.
I communicate clearly and effectively.
I am relaxed and focused, I have more than enough time for everything.
I am now happy with everything I do.
I’m glad I’m alive.

Universe, Higher Purpose, and Effortless Living:

… (insert yourself) comes to me, easily and effortlessly.
The light in me now works miracles in my life.
All things are now working together for good in my life.
I am now attuned to the higher purpose of my life.
I acknowledge, accept, and follow the divine plan of my life as it is revealed to me, step by step.
I now give thanks for my life of health, wealth, happiness, and self-expression.

Affirmations in practice:

Affirmations are really fantastic. I used them unconsciously in the past to achieve things. In recent years I have also consciously used them after reading several books about this and I can tell you that it really works! Keep in mind that what you send into the universe doesn’t always come out right.

Especially when affirming concrete things, you have to give the universe, your head, god, yourself, or whoever you send the affirmations to, some time to let things come true. Sometimes you don’t get things (yet) because you first have to gain other experiences or things have to be arranged before your affirmation can come out.

It is also important to take action yourself when you see opportunities to make the affirmation come true. This is also called ‘Inspired action’ and is often forgotten. Of course, you can’t expect everything you want to just fall out of the sky. You will have to take matters into your own hands.


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